As the Palestinian death toll in border protest has risen to thirty-seven, Ivanka is on Instagram selling jewellery and opening the new US Embassy in Jerusalem. This is the profane and the obscene wrapped delicately in a casual racism and projected expertly across social media.

She writes: “We will pray for the boundless potential of the US-Israel alliance and we will pray for peace.”

Ivanka and Jared Kushner were blessed on Sunday at a ceremony by Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef who has previously compared black people to monkeys and called for the ethnically cleansing of all non-Jews from Israel.

This is government by mannequin – apartheid with aesthetics. This is the zealotry of a convert crafting exquisite Instagram images as children are shot down. Elsewhere we’re told that Israeli troops killed sixteen Palestinians on Monday, including a fourteen-year-old boy and a man in a wheelchair, and some five hundred protesters were injured, at least two hundred by live bullets.

This is a new global dynasty. We are in the dark ages.