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Cunning Stunts

The SNP’s walkout of Westminster has been condemned by many people as a “stunt”, most gloriously the wonderfully inept Tim Shipman (who we’re told is the Political Editor of the Sunday Times). Tim wails, in an outburst of petted-lip that we predict will adorn 1000 leaflets before the end of the week:

“It was a ludicrous stunt. They clearly wanted to be thrown out. Their behaviour was like a class of six year olds … All from an entity which has half the population of London. Powers were always owned by London and devolved down. They were never, and could never be, owned by Edinburgh. They’ll be devolved down again but legally they are in London’s gift. If you have a country, that’s how it works. You may not wish to be part of UK, but win a referendum.”

So far so amusing, but what’s this? The Scottish Conservatives (a group we’d remind you soon to be led by Jackson Carlaw) has tweeted: “Rather than represent their constituents by asking the Prime Minister serious questions, the SNP preferred to stage a self-indulgent stunt.” And their famously shy and un-stunty leader Ruth also joined the happy throng tweeting: “A three hour debate due to be granted on the very issue say they were walking out over – when the walkout stunt means it now can’t happen. Bravo.”

Oh dear. Here’s a sample from the critics of politicians that would never indulge in a stunt. Ever.




For balance see also “Willie Goes for a Small Walk with the Alpacas”.

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  1. bringiton says:

    Perhaps if they had ridden out of the chamber on the backs of buffalloes,they would have got some cheers from the Tory benches.
    The whole Brexit fiasco is a political stunt designed to keep the Tory party intact at any cost.
    Everything is expendable in order to achieve that end (except May’s premiership).

  2. Graham Rae says:

    ‘They were never, and could never be, owned by Edinburgh. They’ll be devolved down again but legally they are in London’s gift. If you have a country, that’s how it works.’

    The deluded, condescending, hateful (“SUICIDE!”), pompous arrogance of these vermin never ceases to amaze me.

    …actually, retract that. Nothing about the walking corpses surprises me anymore.

    Indyref 2, here we come.

  3. Donnie MacLean says:

    Mundell and Davidson (missing today? where was she? baking, photo shoot or on the back of some unfortunate animal?) looking every inch like colonial governors.

    Today has opened the eyes of many, the press and bbc can”t hide the true nature of colonial rule from London, indefinitely.

    It will be interesting to see the coverage of the papers tomorrow.

  4. alabama says:

    Nice of bella to concede and agree that it was a stunt, just like the other ones.. Always good to know who your political enemies are.

  5. Willie says:

    People like Shipman are our enemies. They peddle propaganda on behalf of their establishment masters.

    Events as they now show lay bare the very simple fact that democracy is an illusion in the UK, and of course we should never forget that the establishment will use force if required. In fact, in playing the game that they are in Ireland, force may indeed be the required tool.

    At a Policy Exchange conference only some weeks ago individuals like Alistair Darling, Michael Gove, Ruth Davidson, Arlene Foster, Jim Murphy, Lord Murphy of Torfain and Brandon Lewis made contributions on the topic of “ The Union and Unionism – past, present and future “

    Knowing these politicos as we do, and knowing that the Policy Exhange is a right wing free market focussed think tank , one only need to look at their policy agenda to see how deeply coalesced unionism and neo liberalism is.

    And yes, they see the retention of Scotland, And even the return of the Republic of Ireland to the fold as part of that agenda.

    So where do we go from here.

    Having walked out, or should I say forced out as irrelevancies excluded from parliamentary processes, should we stay out. I think so because as events have shown, our MPs just do not count, the Union is broken, and the Act of Union repudiated.

    People should not be forced to live in a fascist state. We need to get off our knees and take the democratic control that should be our right. Post Brexit, when we are out of Europe, the iron grip will tighten and the Scottish Parliament will be no more.

    The walk out is therefore to be applauded. Let us take our own path, not London’s.

  6. Abulhaq says:

    They walked out, pity they didn’t take a few scalps with them, never to return to crumbling pile of anglocentric conceit.

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