2007 - 2021


shrieks the lion’s mane across the border.

Order no.1 – you’ll have had
your Scottish Parliament then.

Order no.2 – sit down, sit DOWN!
& do whatever we tell you to do.

Order no.3 – commit suicide
(though it’ll require a vote & Royal Decree).

Order no.4 – bye-bye, cheerio,
toodle pip, ta-ta & please don’t slam the door.

Order no.5 – know your place,
your seat, your privileged space, behave.

We should be sick of taking orders,
so here’s one even they can understand
not from a seat but from people & land –
dissolve the Union, the failed pretence
where orders begin & democracy ends.

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  1. Dougie Blackwood says:

    Just signed the SNP Petition. If they had made a pretence of listening and explained why then it might not have been so bad. The Tory spoke and the Scots MPs did not get to utter a word. Job done sit down quietly and accept what your master tells you. Maybe not!

    We already know why it was done; they want unrestricted power to trade away our fishing, the agreement that Scotch whisky can only be made in Scotland and everything else in an attempt to grab on to any trade deal they can cobble together.

    Sign the petition at https://www.snp.org/powergrab?mc_cid=3f9fffd6ae&mc_eid=4e69d68790

    1. Stuart A. Paterson says:

      Signed. The maist needs makkin o this, no jist a ane-aff but the hail jing-bang. Needs tae mak ilk newspaper heidline the warl owre.

    2. Stuart Murray says:

      Meanwhile in gentrified London


      Tory Flower Parasite Wanker

      Daffodil Dave
      sees flower theft as a crime
      and that knives filling graves
      are a waste of police time
      mobile phones cost a buck
      that on plants could be spent
      though he cant give a fuck
      for his tax lawyer being bent.

      Daffodil Dave
      runs away from the flowers
      when hes shown as a knave
      by the voice from the towers
      where the council housed dwell
      round the park where he policed
      in a gentrified hell
      cos the rents are increased.

      Chinless unflowered
      he weeps tears at the loss
      as he runs off unpowered
      giving less than a toss
      for the insult and grief
      in a Mother’s Day glade
      through his calling you thief
      based on gender and shade

  2. Jac says:

    Where is that video from the Indy ref? The “bow down to your imperial masters” one

      1. Dougie Blackwood says:

        Did you miss the link?

  3. Stuart Murray says:

    The speaker is presumably something of a hero to the SNP at the moment for his spanner in the works of the govt. Its a no deal Brexit thats most likely to break up the UK though , and this is the reason why the tories are so desperate to keep May in her job. They cant afford to treat Northern Ireland differently to the rest of the UK but they cant allow free movement into the UK. Its an impossible combination to achieve. The real economic problem is neoliberalism which is why Corbyns been so ambivalent. He sees the EU as a neoliberal endevour which could potentially be freformed for the benefit of workers but at present through itstreaties impedes collectove bargaining and state intervention for the good of the workers. That and knowing how many abandoned voters turned to Brexit as a protest vote against the establishment who came up with the referendum to begin with. Ordinary English Brexiteers will split themselves off more and more from the imperialism of the Goves and Johnsons who see the Irish Republic as a loss to the UK, because their concern is really what goes on in England and a return to the kind of economic focus on manufacturing and a say over wages and the right to bargain for work. Sure racists cash in, but they’re not the reason why people voted to leave the EU. Despite their parochialism regarding Ireland, most Northern English Brexit voters want jobs and stability and would be willing to see the UK replaced with an England where those objectives were treated as achievable. Scotland would of course have the right to rejoin once the ball starts rolling in referendums to leave the UK (this is likely to begin in Northern Ireland because of the no deal Brexit conundrum of being unable to simultaneously please leave voters and unionist imperialists) and then spread out across the “Home Nations” ie Scotland and Wales. In fact the fear factor of Brexit being defeated will embolden the Welsh to see any no campaign to their independence through the lens of this reading as project fear which can be voted against.

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