SCOTIA with Michael Gray and Robert Somynne

New series featuring ‘live news’ combining analysis of social policy with live audience discussion.

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  1. Dougie Blackwood says:

    A lot of sense in here. I picked up on a couple of points that are relevant. Top of the list is that our local authorities are broken in the format they are in; they reduce services year on year in an attempt to keep from going bust; they are too big and cover areas that are too scattered; they employ numerous staff at high salaries yet the numbers of people at the coal face doing things for the community are shrinking.
    We need real local democracy on a local level where people know what is being decided in their area and the council has the power decide and raise what money is needed to properly run the services including providing affordable houses for the people that need it. Time for a radical change to improve things and that might mean something like a land tax with rates set locally.
    And YES, I will try to make a small contribution toward running costs of this series.

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