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Top Thirty Toxic Tories

No political party is perfect. They all have their idiots and bigots to deal with. There’s always that one uncle or step-sister which drives people insane, but they’re family, so what can you do?

But in Scotland the Tory family is different. They don’t have just a few idiots to deal. They have a lot. Sometimes it can be hard to follow up on all the bigots, and it doesn’t help either when Ruth Davidson does everything she can do avoid being held to account. But I’ve been keeping an eye on all the bigots and luckily for us I’ve organised a long and sourced list for us to follow.

So without further ado let’s meet them!

Tory 1: Neil Graham

Neil has connections to the British National Party. Source.

Tory 2: Steven MacGregor

Made threatening phone calls with racist remarks. Source.

Tory 3: John Buchan

Used violent, racist and misogynistic language. Language often aimed towards Nicola Sturgeon. Source.

Tory 4: Kathleen Leslie

Called Nicola Sturgeon a “drooling hag” and “wee fish wife”. Claimed only racists support independence. Source.

Tory 5: Donald Gatt

Ex-UKIP, said the poor shouldn’t have kids. Source.

Tory 6: Todd Ferguson

Has gone on xenophobic rants by arguing others born outside the UK should not have a vote. Twice. Source and source.

Tory 7: Roxana Iancu

Made Islamophobic comments and suggested Angela Merkel should be hanged for her policies. Source.

Tory 8: Ken MacBrayne

Urged people to kidnap and torture Nicola Sturgeon. Source.

Tory 9: Ron McKail

Shared/endorsed content from Britain First and the English Defence League. Source.

Tory 10: George McIntyre

Made Islamophobic comments. Source.

Tory 11: Derek McCabe

Shared/Made racist memes. Source.

Tory 12: Ian James

Endorsed Enoch Powell (who backed repatriation of non-white immigrants) and believed the term “African American” was too politically correct. Also called Nicola Sturgeon a “poison dwarf” and “Oompah fr****n Loompah”. Source.

Tory 13: Colin McGavigan

Called carers “the great unwashed”. Source.

Tory 14: David Wilson

Asked gay councillors to out themselves and had issue with funding to LGBT groups. Source.

Tory 15: Trevor Douglass

Endorses Nigel Farage and UKIP policies. Also stated “Serbia can go back to selling white kids to slave traders”. Source.

Tory 16: Alastair Redman

Shares content from Britain First. Source.

Tory 17: Douglas Ross

Called out by Amnesty International when calling for “tougher enforcement against Gypsy Travellers. Source.

Tory 18: Murdo Fraser

Compared Nicola Sturgeon to syphilis. Source.

Tory 19: Adam Morris

Threatened physical violence. Threat now deleted. Source.

Tory 20: Robert Davies

Made racist comments online whilst sharing archived images of black people. Source.

Tory 21: Alastair Majury

Boasted about his manhood, attacked benefit claimants, made Islamophobic and sectarian comments. Source.

Tory 22: Stephen Kerr

Homophobe high up in the Mormon church when two young gay men were outed. Refuses to support the Tie Campaign or sign the LGBT pledge. Source.

Tory 23: Stephen Goldsack

Has links to the BNP and faces allegations of prejudice. Source.

Tory 24: Jackson Carlaw

Made racist jokes and singles out Muslim politicians over the issue of Israel. Source and source.

Tory 25: Bobby Good

Has a Nazi tattoo. Seriously. Source.

Tory 26: Scott Gallacher

Has made extremely sexist comments towards SNP politicians and others. Made anti-LGBT and Islamophobic comments. Also believes independence supporters are Nazis. Source.

Tory 27: Michael Jamieson

Owned hundreds of indecent images of children. Source.

Tory 28: John Glover

Blamed Romanians for the “appalling mess” in his local area. The statement turned out to be untrue. Source.

Tory 29: James Bundy

Made an antisemitic tweet by using language developed by the Nazis. The tweet used a conspiracy theory developed in Nazi Germany to demonise Jews as the enemy within. Source.

Tory 30: Ron McKail

Compared Muslim women in burkas to patio umbrellas. Source.

Tory 31: Dave Coleman

Made derogatory comments aimed at people with special needs and disabilities. Source.

No party is perfect. But when Ruth Davidson leads the party you can bet your wallet that the Scottish Conservatives are home to all bigots.

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  1. Richard Easson says:

    No political party is perfect. But the Scottish Tories are not a political party (i.e. not registered as such with the Electoral Commission) and so when Independence comes will all be barred from standing as members of a foreign party unless they form their own stand alone party which obviously could not be Unionist.

  2. Darby O'Gill says:

    I think its fair to say that the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Movement have the most apposite of acronyms.

  3. bringiton says:

    The Tories have to live down to their reputation as the Nasty party.
    They do seem to attract more than their share of weirdos as a result and their association
    with the Irish Unionists only enhances this perception.
    Strange people,certainly not the sort I want anywhere near the levers of power.
    However,it seems others quite like them since they vote for them.
    Strange people.

    1. Richard Easson says:

      Funnily enough the historical title of the Tories is The Conservative and Irish Unionist Party.

  4. Tory watcher says:

    Surely Ross Thomson should be near the top of the list.

    A brief look at his Twitter account should be enough confirmation. Also his fun filled trip to Iraq where he channelled his ‘inner dictator’.

  5. Wul says:

    Re: Number 5 and “the poor shouldn’t have children”. This statement, or a version of it, is often made by Conservatives. ( See two child limit & “Rape Clause” in Tax Credit legislation)

    It’s probably hard for some (who see their children as an unavoidable financial burden, needed only to continue the family name) to understand why poor people might have children that “they can’t afford”.

    For many families children are a source and expression of love and affection. They are an asset, not a liability. Children are an emotional support and potentially an economic one too as they will one day go out to work and even care for their parents in old age.

    It might be hard for someone who bundles an 8 year old off to a £20k+/year boarding school to grasp, but some of us think that children make us richer, not poorer.

  6. Robert Graham says:

    Looks like these are the only ones we know about , how many others are under the radar , this type of behavour is not isolated it looks like definite party policy .

  7. Wes Wemyss says:

    Richard Cook – money laundering, gun running, loyalist terrorism and dark money. A bit more toxic than some fat gammon who rants about Asians.

  8. Kenny Smith says:

    Personally I’m surprised there isn’t more. Politicians in general are usually a bit of a slimey lot but they really drained the swamp for that lot.

  9. Jean Martin says:

    Jasus help us all……

  10. Gerry says:

    Just keep reminding us like this who we are fighting against.

  11. Margaret McNeil says:

    We’re living in sad/scary? times when people who stand for public office feel it’s acceptable to make these comments and/or express these views. What happened to the view that our elected representative should set the tone for a civilised society?
    It’s even more worrying that people vote for them.

  12. Chigwell Tory says:

    I note that you decline to publish comments that challenge your own jaundiced views. That’s called hypocrisy.

    1. Chigwell Tory says:

      But that’s not the only one I’ve submitted. The previous two never beyond the censor.

  13. Darby O'Gill says:

    Mere amateurs. They’re not a patch on the greedy, callous Godless creatures who inhabit Westminster.

    1. Chigwell Tory says:

      I have to agree that the SNP Mafia at Westminster are certainly a godless mob.

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