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Arundhati Roy: Capitalism Is “a Form of Religion” Stopping Solutions to Climate Change & Inequality

As one million species face extinction due to human activity and the globe faces a growing climate crisis, we speak with world-renowned author Arundhati Roy about the threat capitalism poses to the future of life on earth. Roy says that those most responsible for creating the climate crisis “will see to it that they profit from the solution that they propose.” (from Democracy Now)

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  1. SleepingDog says:

    I think that Arundhati Roy makes a crucial point about how systematic thinkers like the local farmers who watch seasons pass and understand water cycles and water tables contrast with the stupidly reductionist profitarian exploiters. Indeed there seems to be a “psychotic refusal to understand”, and proponents of infinite growth adn accumumlation are “not amenable to reason”.

    There seems to be a strong ideological opposition to science, philosophy, reason amongst ideologues for cult-capitalism, who reject the idea of an intellectual global commons of ideas, although whatever they worship is not even true capitalism, but a corrupted form of insider trading and corporate capture of governments. I am increasingly of the impression that diplomats (certainly UK and US diplomats, who in turn influence others and normalize behaviours) are even more psychotic and detached. Is it the case that more useful reconciliation was done after WW2 by local town-twinning initiatives than professional diplomats?

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