Remembering Pollok Free State in the Era of Climate Breakdown

This is from the Enough collectives recent  Deep Adaptation/Deep Solidarity event in Glasgow with a talk by Gehan Macleod.

This talk personifies the issues we’ve been looking at for twelve years about the ideas of self-determination – social resistance and collective community action.

Too often we suffer from institutional memory loss in Scotland.

This is required viewing – please read, share and respond.


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  1. Jim Ramsay says:

    Thank you Gehan, so much to put out there in so little time. Quite inspiring.

  2. Wul says:

    It’s funny, I always feel a little bit guilty and sad using the M77 bypass spur as I head south from Glasgow to Ayrshire.

    The motorway extension makes the journey so much faster and easier than it was before. But I always think of the protestors, their commitment and how I am now driving through what was once their green space, their place of retreat and renewal. A part of me feels resentful because I don’t like feeling like a bad guy who benefitted from their loss.

    It can feel easier to close your heart to the price paid by other humans for your own convenience & privilege, but it would be a mistake, I think.

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