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Dissident artists – unflinching uncompromising artists – need public backing because they will not be supported by the state broadcaster and their work is inherently un-commercial and anti-commercial.

Artist, filmmaker & producer Bonnie Prince Bob’s work over the past four years has been an exemplary irritant to, well, almost everyone.

His Jim Murphy, Saviour of the Union (2015) was a masterpiece of political savagery mercilessly baiting the entire Better Together campaign in mock historical docudrama (with images by Norrie Harman). Delivered completely deadpan the script hits its targets one after another with sedulous accuracy, gently destroying Murphy’s political career with a delicate viciousness …

Two years later his Jeremy Bernard Corbyn ‘What Was Done’ repeated the epic feat, this time turning his ire on the British state in an imagined future …


This summer he returned with a viral tirade against the “lies, hype and profiteering”of the Edinburgh Festival …


Will you agree with Bobs output? Certainly not. Will he enrage and annoy you? Inevitably. But in this era of binary populism, unblinking loyalty and uber-bland cultural complicity, polemical artwork is essential.

Bob’s pitch is a simple one:

“I would like to create a regular ‘Dis-Content’ broadcast where I will directly address the insipid cultural bore-fest that has been foisted upon us. Dis-Content will feature blistering discourse, fascinating guests, quality satire, exceptional video art, music and ME. If you would like to help challenge the audio-visual brain damage dispensed by the artless narcissists in the media establishment, then support my work and I will rip the veil from their smug faces.”

Support Discontent at Ko-Fi here.

Follow him at @BonniePrinceB0b


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