Protest Trump, Protest Nato

On the eve of protests against NATO Scottish CND has responded to remarks by Jens Stoltenberg, the alliance’s Secretary-General about Nicola Sturgeon’s opposition to nuclear weapons.

Chair Lynn Jamieson said:

“First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has repeated unequivocally the absolute rejection of nuclear weapons and their use by herself, her government and her party. We warmly welcome these statements and are hugely encouraged by the positive response to her stance from TV studios and audiences outwith Scotland. Her statements, and those by Green Party and Plaid Cymru representatives, are a valuable part of the shift that is de-legitimising nuclear weapons worldwide as the Treaty on The Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) gets ever closer to the status of international law. This move towards pariah status for nuclear weapons is accelerated by Pope Francis’s call for all states to ratify the TPNW and insistence that possession of nuclear weapons per se is immoral.”

“We also note the recent NATO re-statement by its chief Jens Stoltenberg that NATO will be a nuclear alliance so long as nuclear weapons exist. Scottish CND’s position on NATO and Scotland’s future is crystal clear: It would make absolutely no sense for an independent Scotland to join such an aggressive alliance and align with the US bloc. Now that Scottish independence looks likely in the near future, the nature of our relations with the rest of the world must be high on the agenda, and our national stance on NATO needs to be openly and honestly articulated.”

“Membership of NATO is incompatible with a future in which our country stands with the majority of the countries in the world and seeks real security for people and planet rather than military posturing threatening mass death to all living things.”

Scottish CND is organising a No to Trump / No to NATO rally between 5:00pm and 6:00pm at the Buchanan Street steps in Glasgow on Tuesday 3rd December. Main focus of rally is to protest NATO/Trump while the Heads of State summit is happening in London where Donald Trump and Boris Johnson will be at a reception in Buckingham Palace. There will also be a protest at the east end of Princes, St., Edinburgh at 5.30 p.m. on the same day.

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  1. SleepingDog says:

    According to Peter Hennessy in his book The Secret State: Preparing for the Worst 1945‒2010 (2nd edition), Chapter 7 ‘London Might Be Silenced’, the point of the Royal Yacht Britannia was that the Queen and a mini Privy Council could swan off to mid-Atlantic safety while we in the UK were left to face incoming annhilation while She ordered Armageddon. It seems there is general agreement even in our secretive and irrational unConstitution that only Her Majesty’s officers can order a nuclear launch, and if one such as the Chief of Defence Staff refuses, She can just sack them and appoint someone (from past record another close relative) who will, all under Royal Prerogative powers that have come straight from medieval times into the nuclear age withstanding all attempts at sanity. Why doesn’t someone ask the Queen whether she’d launch those nukes? She is after all the world’s longest-serving nuclear terrorist, and maybe proud of it, and hopefully Messrs Trump and Johnson will be a moderating influence on her.

    “The Coalition Government did not bring forward legislation and, as the Government’s written evidence noted, in 2016 the Government ‘concluded that the [Royal] prerogative remained the appropriate mechanism for deploying military force'”

  2. Lordmac says:

    What if Donald. Trump has trade agreements . With the UK .and then demands we stop trading with the EU and puts embargoes on us .if we don’t. Give him the NHS contract’s and Insurance contract’s

    1. SleepingDog says:

      @Lordmac, well, a common requirement of using USAmerican online services (including Duolingo, funded by surveillance capitalists Google) and digital products is that you don’t come from a country subject to US sanctions. Come to think of it, President Trump’s Scotch whisky tariff has been described as a USAmerican sanction. So in theory, the USA could threaten to cut the UK off from tons of technology-based stuff if they don’t get their evil way on trade terms and basically dictating our economy.

      1. Lordmac says:

        If we are paying back a loan to America, and Google belongs to Israel, as they control world. Security Then they. would know our wealth ,america would keep sides with Israel,all day long. But come the time to call in the loan something has. To be offers up as security be it the NHS plus have. The finger on the Trident with us as piggy in the middle having no say in the matter, that is why we should get rid now, or. We will. Be used. As a missile launcher as they sit back

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