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Bill Drummond & The Romanian band of Birmingham – Ode To Joy

Part of Bella’s series celebrating internationalism and solidarity in the face of bigotry and Anglo-normative nationalism …

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  1. Malcolm says:

    As opposed to Scottish-normative nationalism?

    1. Bruce McQuillan says:

      If you dont have anything valid, relevant or interesting to say Malcolm why dont you try some whataboutery ? Oh, beat me to it….

      1. Graeme Purves says:


  2. John says:

    Fuk off Malcolm
    Had a funny peculiar day . Walking my dog friend Yoda earlier he walked into the garden of L Wittgensteins old home. Never known enough to give a judgement Bout him as per usual but did read the blue plaque, meh. Then whilst monitoring evening beeb they had some dick across the road giving it brexit about the Jonny fs in Cambridge . As it was across the road I thought I would join them . On arrival I heard the lanky talking head complaining to the camera man that all he’d been saying was pointless.
    At that point I asked in my subtle as a brick way , how it was working for a fascist propaganda. Wish I hadn’t bothered. From then on it was from him , camera joe and the van man who all followed party line of sophist bollocks.
    The bbc are required to be impartial. Question time is too. Andrew Neil anaw . Dundee is a Tory city , without the bbc we would be all worse off. Any idea about the Scottish not being fairly portrayed is paranoia.
    Felt fair scunnered. For a wee while. Then after a bit of reflection it was an understanding of what the fuck else did I expect.
    Not long after on the box caught up with the man who won the election for the Tories and widdicombe waving Chinese made Union flags and auld Lang syne in Brussels then a few messages from my good friend Dr Wu asking if I had room for a guy from China next week . I hope he’s from wuhan.
    It’s all existential now.
    Already got my ticket for the South Stand Upper , west end for March against Israel, and if we don’t beat Norway or Serbs to qualify then am not sure if I give a flying one. Only seems the other day I was in St Ettiene watching us get papped by Marrocco in 98 when my boy was not yet a year old. Now he’s in the middle of his barrister course. ( not barista) and reverse seems the set gear.

  3. Wullie says:

    Contrast with Farage & Widdicombe and their pathetic wee flegs!

  4. Anndra says:

    It’s great aon the pipes as weel.


    Ceud taing, piper

  5. Nigel Ings says:

    Thank you Bella! Where would we be without you?

  6. Charlie Main says:

    God Bless Bill Drummond and all ‘europeans’

  7. Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh says:

    A couple of European versions of ‘Marche des Soldats de Robert Bruce’, which dates back to a Scottish contingent at the time of Joan of Arc and the siege of Orleans. It is still in the French army repertoire.



  8. SleepingDog says:

    And this odious jar of Brumanian symphonicide contributes to international solidarity how, exactly?

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