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  1. Mark Bevis says:

    Flattening some eugenicists in the cabinet with a steam roller might be more effective….

  2. Josef Ó Luain says:

    Quite! Who the fuck is advising that woman?

    1. Josef Ó Luain says:

      Good sense has prevailed, I see. That some parents felt they had to take the initiative and keep their children off school is something that should never have been necessary.

      1. Jo says:

        That is nonsense!

        This is a bloody awful situation and I wouldn’t swap places with any government leader at the centre of it. The band of armchair experts out here grows by the day. Maybe some of them should be isolated!

        There are valid reasons for and against closing schools. Closure throws up many consequences. Staying open had its benefits too. Children were at least being fed. Handwashing went on, supervised, throughout the day.

        We are in the unknown here and can’t just sit taking potshots at people.

  3. Jo says:

    I don’t like the cartoon. Very harsh on Sturgeon I’d say.

  4. The Stroller says:

    This is a terribly judged cartoon in my opinion…

    To portray Nicola Sturgeon as acting in anything but the best of faith, and to the best of her abilities, is disloyal and just plain wrong… even the Scottih Tories credit her with that.

    People like Nicola Sturgeon and thousands of others in the public services need our backing right now, not smart alecs sniping at them like this illustrator does…

    We should instead by trying to work out the total deaths casued by George Osbrone and David Cameron’s austerity measures against the NHS which has been chronically undefunded for ten years now and is in no fit state to deal with a crisis of this magntitude…

    Osborne, Cameron and the Conservative’s totally callous indifference to people’s health and wellbeing should be concentrating people’s attention over the next months and weeks, not snipes at Sturgeon who after all, made her name and secured her reputation while Health Minister dealing with another crisis about ten years ago now…

    1. D W Scott says:

      Well said
      The cartoon is typical easy pickings from someone who has no difficult decisions to make except how to insult for cheap publicity.

  5. Heartsupwards says:

    While the pollys fright at their current task can we get on with discussing what vehicle us independistas are to use to reach our goal other than the SNP once they realise their ship has been irrevocably holed.

  6. John Mooney says:

    A truly pathetic cartoon with no redeeming reason behind the cartoon!

    1. Wullie says:

      Hope this Lorna Miller is ashamed of herself.

  7. Me Bungo Pony says:

    FM Sturgeon announced the findings of a COBRA meeting slightly before PM Johnson did and got absolutely pilloried for it by the unionist/English media for, according to them, playing politics with the pandemic. Can you imagine the cacophony of faux outrage if she had taken the decision to close Scottish schools before Johnson got round to doing the same in England? We all know there are drawbacks to being part of the UK and being able to act independently of the Westminster govt in this instance is one of them. Not that the Scottish govt didn’t have to the power to do this without Westminster consent, but to have used it would have been to appear to be working against Westminster and not with it. Right or wrong, the Scottish govt is trying to show it is co-operating with Westminster to combat this virus and not using it to further the cause of independence. To do that would be a gift to unionists they would not be slow in using. If we were independent, the govt could have formed its own policy with only courtesy shown to Westminster and, crucially, a border we could close.

  8. Terry Anderson says:

    Bella Caledonia is to be commended for offering the kind of cartoons that, bluntly, we don’t see enough of in Scottish news media.
    Nicola Sturgeon leads a party that has formed governments three consecutive times across an almost thirteen year period. The SNP and their support can, should, must handle satirical commentary with a bit of maturity and grace if they expect to continue in governance through the coming decade. This cartoon is very, very mild in comparison with the manner in which other leaders are portrayed elsewhere on a daily or weekly basis.
    In a situation where emergency powers are invoked human rights and freedom of expression must be vigorously defended. We all want wants best but to mutter darkly about “disloyalty” after mere scepticism is expressed is a sad indicator of our direction of travel. And, lo and behold, the essential point turned out to be correct; the schools are shutting, not before time.
    As for “arm chair experts”, “shame” and so on, spare us. Miller may not be a epidemiologist but she is a professional cartoonist of long standing. Don’t like it? Your prerogative. Want to refute her? Draw a better cartoon, if you can.

    1. The Stroller says:

      So, we’re to like this cartoon cause you say so, T Anderson? OK. Very reasonable…

      Disloyal because these are extraorindary times when people´s lives are on the line, not for party political reasons, not out of some slavish loyalty to the SNP.

      Disloyal cause suggesting that Sturgeon, or in fact any British PM – even Johnson – would actually be so cynical as to instrumentalize children as the cartoon (playfully) suggests, seems to me to be going too far….

      The reason that the schools were closed, according to FM Sturgeon, is because a) so many teachers are absent because they are self isolating and b) many children have stopped attending classes and so it all becomes too difficult to manage not to say a little pointless.

      I find it dubious that kids are going to do more social distancing outside the classroom than at school, especially when parents have to work… some will, some won’t.

      Meanwhile, Germany has 15,000 C19 cases and 44 deaths, compared to the UK’s 3200 and 144 fatalities…

      Might this huge disparity in the health outcome of C19 patientes in the UK and Germany have something to do with Cameron and Osborne’s austerity?

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