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Boris at Easter

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  1. Welsh Sion says:

    This dates from early December last year.

    But well worth a re-read.

    How does Dr Meyerson feel now?


    As a doctor I have to speak out: Johnson has contributed to thousands of deaths

    Andrew Meyerson

    The prime minister’s neglect of the NHS has resulted in too many tragedies. If he were a doctor, he would be struck off

    • Andrew Meyerson is a junior doctor working at Worcestershire Royal hospital

    (Pasg Hapus i’m darllenwyr oll / Happy Easter to all my readers.)

  2. Squigglypen says:

    Yeah ..go out and clappa handies……how about all the equipment our brilliant caring staff require..oh and how about a rise for all of them..just like the MPs got a few weeks before the virus was unleashed..(excellent timing.).oh and that £10,000 for them for working from home…what a greedy selfish bunch. And you want them to apologise for their incompetence?..don’t be silly…
    I’ve always thought our NHS staff and those involved in any kind of underpaid caring were brilliant. Don’t clap and take your eye off the ball….they need us to scream for equipment and hound those morons in Westmonster.
    I have only one complaint re NHS staff..you saved Boris ‘s life?…how could you!

  3. The Over Extended Phenotype says:

    I’m glad Boris Johnson has recovered because now I can say that he is the suppurating pustule perched atop the haemorroidhal arsehole of Britannia.

  4. Charles L. Gallagher says:

    Not from me buddy.

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