2007 - 2021


The dead file by in an endless line

to salute both victory & decline

to shake the hand of their Champion

the Lord of Laughter & Contagion

a storyteller with an engaging tone

who tells of how this country stood alone

even though it’s never clear

exactly which country the dead must cheer

but cheer they must for they are sacred

easily acquired & rendered naked

they pile up like debris after a parade

the Laughing One is nervous by what he has made

he is blown backwards rejoicing at the mystery

consumed by fear the dead & history

©George Gunn 2020

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  1. James Mills says:

    Poetry helped expose the tragedy of the immense loss of life in The Great War and the utter incompetence of those who conducted it ; perhaps it will help some to see through the lies and deceptions which are being used to glaze over the tragedy that is Covid-19 , when we are , again , ”Lions lead by donkeys ! ”

    1. Wul says:

      Lions led by donkeys pretending to be bulldogs.

  2. SleepingDog says:

    The Imperial War Museum lists an oil painting entitled The Unending Cult of Human Sacrifice (1934) by C R W Nevinson:
    Churchill’s modern successors may be members of a neoliberal death cult currently demanding human sacrifices at the altar of the Economy, which is quintessentially Anglo-British hypocrisy considering the last refuge of British Imperialists is the tendentious claim that their Empire at least managed to end human sacrifice in some benighted corner of the globe (forgetting the Bloody Code that executed thieves, chattel slavery, naval impressment and all the rest of the props of propertarianism writ into law and stamped on the legal systems of colonies past and present).

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