Early Retirement for Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew is set to retire from royal life permanently due to his links with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

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  1. Gerry carlin says:


  2. Elizabeth Lynch says:

    Do we think he will get a state pension? Who would like to see him trying to live on it? Can you imagine him travelling on his bus pass, shopping at Lidl and no private health/dental care.

    1. john w shaw says:

      Not lidl he would prefer to shop at mothercare

  3. Squigglypen says:

    No-one is above the law. The fact he seems untouchable makes a mockery of our legal system and code of morality in the eyes of the world.
    It does nothing for this ‘royal’ family- who have already changed their name once to suit their purpose. You do know they are no different from the rest of us..don’t you?
    …except they get away with stuff we certainly would not. Andrew is just a product of that rotten system. While other countries rebel and shout at things they object to we sit as though mesmerised by this sewer of spoiled rats and their hangers on.Time to get the skin off our eyes and see things as they really are.

    Excellent cartoon..but you could have been a lot crueller!You could have had the ‘queen’ hanging out of the balcony shouting ..”oh my favourite son!” She has protected him..what does that say for her….she took him to church after the story broke…very touching…that makes it alright then…

    1. john w shaw says:

      Andrew is not the only one. A true story some years ago my uncle was a traffic cop in Lincolnshire He stopped Princess Anne for speeding gave her a ticket. When he got back the station and made his report he was told to forget it. Needless to say, nothing came of it!

    2. SleepingDog says:

      @Squigglypen the Queen has sovereign immunity, so yes, she is “above the law”, and the UK courts derive their authority from her as the embodiment of the Crown, so they cannot compel her to attend (say, to answer charges of treason, not that she would allow the royalist UK Treason Felony Act to be interfered with).
      Her own website website tried to put a gloss on it:
      “Although civil and criminal proceedings cannot be taken against the Sovereign as a person under UK law, The Queen is careful to ensure that all her activities in her personal capacity are carried out in strict accordance with the law.”
      but since she has the power to spike any unwelcome legislation constraining her powers before it has a chance to pass the Commons, under Queen’s Consent, one might recall that “faint praise is no praise”. Her tenacious clinging to power might seem a bit like those other heads of state from other mafia countries desperate to maintain their immunities.

  4. Robbie says:

    It suits the elite to keep the royalty where they are ,otherwise how can you be elevated to the House of Lords ,I mean c,mon LORDS, that lets You know your place and what you are, Shits always been there thru the years , managed by press barons “also lords” the papers were always “Forgiving” I mean high spirits, they’re only human ,or naughty boy or girl. What was it the queen said to Di,s butler about dark forces at work.

  5. john w shaw says:

    I suppose it beats jail time in the USA

  6. Bill says:

    As time has gone bye, this family has become worse. If ever there was a case for a republic, the House of Windsor makes it cast iron. When Betty goes, that will be the time for Scotland to reject the lovely Charles – as he does not meet the criteria set out in the Declaration of Arbroath – and become a republic. Of course by then, hopefully we will be independent and that means the circle will finally be squared. All of the Crown lands and property will belong to the people and we can get on building a fairer and more equitable society. We could have a second house in our parliament, elected of course and be done with an archaic and offensive system of honours. ( British Empire – NO MORE). {Excellent cartoon}

    Nae Pasaran!!!


  7. Maureen gallagher says:

    Possibly a left over pizza box could have been added to support his so called alibi .
    Child sexual abuse however is a serious matter

  8. Caz says:

    He should have been dealt with in the courts, mind you all in power turn a blind eye to peodophillia as that much is going on around them!!!! It stinks

  9. Tom Bowen says:

    He was born with the same innate instincts as every other child, but then corrupted by a hideous upbringing of total privilege and indulgence, the like of which nobody outside of Royal circles could even appreciate. He truly is an inhabitant of another planet as his behaviour, attitudes and ego reveal without question. It has turned him into the monster that he is, hiding behind his elaborate uniforms, medals, lanyards and sashes. As Brits, we are conditioned to believe that this is not just OK, but an absolutely right and proper way to treat the family members of our head of state. We are indeed examplesof Tressell’s “Ragged Trousered Philanthropists”.

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