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Spaffing Space Travel

Chief Executive of Virgin Galactic, George Whitesides, has said the “new normal” might just become “a future where our way of life on earth is enhanced as more people experience the global perspective brought about by experiencing space”.
Tickets start at $20m.

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  1. john w shaw says:

    What’s he on nothing I know off!

  2. Mark Bevis says:

    A one way trip for Demonic Cummings et al to Mars might actually save the human race from extinction, although god help the martian life forms. It’d have to be a big space ship though, there’s an awful lot of planet-eaters to jettison into space.

    1. john w shaw says:

      Yeah but would you really inflict him on the Marsians. Just had a thought stick Boris in the spaceship as well.

  3. Blair says:


    I was listening in to BBC World Class Service Broadcast last night. Very interesting to learn about a place called Seaside City Resort Village , in a relatively well known area of China. It would appear that this place is owned by one man who has a plan for a New World Order. With the backing of a handful of very wealthy investors our world will be carved up. The Covid-19 virus, remember where that came from if you contemplate taking a vacation, sorry a vaccination because it will provide world class track & trace using AI Technology.
    Keep an close eye as events unfold, because we are very likely see television broadcasts of Jesus landing a spaceship in China on television screens unless that is God or rather an amazing scot from the Mcdonald Clan intervenes to save us all.

    One will not be deceived again Bella. Our statues & History has been saved by Christina for all of us to enjoy freely in Scotland”s biggest open air museum.

    Donald J Trump knows where he will be after BREXIT. Our little wee free Scotland with the best of things money cannot buy.

    -‘The Christina Project’.

  4. SleepingDog says:

    Australian cartoonist First Dog on the Moon recommends firing all our billionaires into the sun, which may make an interesting documentary one day. What’s the Latin for “I wouldn’t board any space cruisers if I was you”?

    1. john w shaw says:

      it sounds a great idea to rid the world ( in theory ) of the greedy and selfish. Get them to build a tourist space ship to take them all, then sabotage it in the upper atmosphere. But sadly I feel there would be a re-emergence of such people when individualism defeats the commonwealth?

      1. SleepingDog says:

        @john w shaw, such Levelling sentiments are expressed by the Gardener in William Shakespeare’s The Life and Death of Richard the Second, A3s4:
        “Go thou, and like an executioner,
        Cut off the heads of too fast growing sprays,
        That look too lofty in our commonwealth:
        All must be even in our government.”
        although we could be talking about redistribution rather than loppery.

        1. john w shaw says:

          Yes one intelligent guy, pity he was not a Scot, only kidding.

  5. Graham Ennis says:

    actually, trhe first ticket will be 20 million, the first manned flight cost about 10 billion, in todays money, and within 10 years, the price will be one million. 10 years after that, itwill be about 100,000 in todays cash. that means that a huge new research and resource is opening up. 10 years after that, it will be around $10,000. (in todays dollars. lots of space industrial processes, new phsyics knowledge, etc tc…..so please do not be sour. a new frontier, in our own soalr system, and no local natives.

    1. john w shaw says:

      dream on

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