Breaking – Right Wing Broadcasting Media Takeover

If you didn’t think the BBC was right wing enough you’ll love ‘GB News” a new outlet launched by Aunties former star, Andrew Neil.

The Express gushed: “The veteran broadcaster will be the chairman of GB News, signalling the end of a long-running relationship with the BBC, where he had been one of the most respected and popular political interviewers. He will also host a flagship evening programme in primetime, leading the programming line-up. The channel, which will launch early next year, could shake up the TV news landscape, which is dominated by the likes of the BBC and Sky.”

You’ve got to love the way in this framing the BBC and Sky are positioned as the unacceptable face of left wing journalism.

Brexiteers have cheered the news of Mr Neil leaving the BBC and starting his own news channel to rival his former employer.

Brexiteer and commentator Emily Hewertson wrote on Twitter: “Truly brilliant news.” “Huge blow for the BBC. They have lost their star journo.”

Political commentator Darren Grimes, who has recently launched several scathing attacks against the BBC over the broadcaster’s decision to scrap free TV licences for over 75s, tweeted: “This is so exciting!”

They squealed: “He’ll do brilliantly without the crushing wokeness of the BBC.”

In this world the BBC are the bulwark against the true freedom of unregulated capitalism and the Sunny Uplands of Britannia Unchained.

Neil will serve as both chairman of the new offering and as a host on a flagship evening programme in primetime, leading the programming line-up.

Founded by Andrew Cole and Mark Schneider, the channel is reported to be inspired by the likes of the far-right US Fox News. In a statement ripe with dark irony Mr Neil is quoted saying: “GB News is aimed at the vast number of British people who feel underserved and unheard by their media.”

Now, in a new development tonight it’s announced that Boris Johnson is ushering in a revolution at the top of British state broadcasting. Paul Dacre, the former editor of the Daily Mail, is the prime minister’s choice to become chairman of Ofcom, the broadcasting regulator, and Lord Charles Moore, the former editor of the Daily Telegraph and biographer of Margaret Thatcher, has been asked by the prime minister to take up the post of BBC chairman.

This does indeed change the landscape of tv broadcasting in a quite astonishing way signalling patronage, state control and a lurch to the right. As we head into our No Deal Winter the idea of a progressive broadcast media is being destroyed.



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  1. Dougie Harrison says:

    A well-placed piece as usual Mike.

    Not having a telly in my wee flat, I’ve nae idea of Andra Neil’s current career. I just mind him as a fellow-student in the Adam Smith Building of Glasgow Uni in the late 60s/early70s of last century. ‘Brillo’ was then remarkable to me only because he was one of the few working-class (or so he then claimed) Tories I have ever met. It seems his time with the ‘Economist’, and his editorship, subsequently initiating the decline, of the previously liberal ‘Scotsman’, may have rewarded him financially.

    Mibbe he’s truly earned every farthing his career has brocht him. Or mibbe not?

  2. Leah Gunn Barrett says:

    Ugly old man, isn’t he? Is Rupert backing him?

    1. James Mills says:

      Yes , good question – where is the money to fund this ”independent” news channel coming from ? Rupert ? Dark Tory funds ? Some of Boris Johnson’s tennis chums from Russia ? The British secret state ? Andra’s piggy bank ?

      One thing is certain , this ‘balanced’ news channel will be 100% against Scottish Independence – maybe Ruth the Mooth will get a weekly slot giving her audience the impartial view of Scottish politics from her perch in the HoL ?

    2. mince'n'tatties says:

      What, that was totally out of order. Flawless are you Leah?

  3. David McCann says:

    Amen to a commentator long past his sell-by date.
    A place awaits him in the that bastion of democracy, the House of Lords!
    Arise Sir Andrew!

  4. Alistair Taylor says:

    Not the sort of guy you would invite over for a drink.

  5. Stephen Cowley says:

    Is it going to be Fox UK or Red Ice Mk II?

  6. Alba woman says:

    An evening with Andrew would be one of resounding boredom , mansplaining, misogyny and by the end, deep loathing.

  7. SCOOT says:

    “… a new outlet launched by Aunties former star, Andrew Neil.”

    Isn’t there an apostrophe missing in here? ‘o)

  8. A scot in Wales says:

    Ah yes the Ministry of Truth…..then again O’Brien was far more competent than this shower running the country

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