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High Hearts

The inevitable is happening before our eyes. The long predicted – and carefully curated – collapse of talks with the EU has happened as the die-hard Brexiteers who prorogued parliament and ejected long-standing members of the Conservative Party complete their mission.

In June last year Boris Johnson had promised to leave “Do or Die”. While everyone could see their strategy they watched him lie: “It is vital that we are prepared for a no-deal outcome if we are going to get the deal that we need. I don’t think that is where we are going to end up, I think it is a million-to-one against.”

Writing to colleagues yesterday with his usual bonhomie he talks of proceeding with “high hearts and complete confidence” to “embrace the alternative”.

To be clear the “alternative” is, according to figures based on modelling with the London School of Economics, likely to hit Britain’s economy three times harder in the long term than coronavirus, and will lead to queues at the border and shortages of fresh food and medicine.

One study predicts that by the year 2030, the UK economy could lose 14% of GDP or €57bn or €873 per head. The Scottish Government’s Chief Economist predicts No Deal could see a 6% fall in GDP by 2030, worth over £1,600 per person in Scotland and that an economic slowdown would be expected to double unemployment. Unemployment is forecast to rise by around 100,000.

These predictions were made BEFORE covid hit the economy.

This is stark economic harm foisted upon us. It’s shamelessly ideological, it’s profoundly undemocratic. It’s been pushed through against the wishes of the Scottish people and against the wishes of the UK parliament. We should be furious but we should not be surprised.




As the reality that Boris Johnson was using public money to pay Jennifer Arcuri for sex is exposed (she received £126,000 in taxpayers money), the levels of corruption, and the PM’s seeming impunity is astonishing.

Predictably the “collapse” of talks is blamed on the EU.

Let’s be clear, there have been no negotiations. As Philippe Lamberts MEP says:



This is wildly irresponsible behavior by the government we didn’t elect. It’s completely unnecessary and it’s astonishing to watch it being played out with “high hearts and complete confidence” in the face of the coronavirus depression that is about to hit us all.

A No Deal Brexit means a No Deal Britain.


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  1. Thomas Cross says:

    The perfect storm of the Covis crisis crippling free market Capitalism being further disintegrated by the Brexit debacle within precisely the same timeframe is apocalyptic. Add the potential of dislocation in Washington thro Janaury then global capitalism is in trouble. The pressure on the IMF from the struggling underdevopled world will be compounded by countries like Boris’ Britain seeking a bail out.

  2. Dougie Blackwood says:

    It may well be that Ne Deal is the aim or is this the last hopeless throw of the dice in an attempt to cherry pick from the EU? Nothing is yet finalised but we are coming into the end game. EU wants fishing rights and that is presently being withheld in an attempt to win other Tory aims. If they can get some other concessions fisheries are the pay-off.

    We must really wait until after New Year for an answer. Regardless of the outcome it will be proclamed as a great victory. Either we will be out in the cold or suffering a bad deal. Wait and see.

    In January the gloves must come off in the battle for independence. Whatever the outcome it will be picked over and exposed for what it is then explained to the people of Scotland.

  3. Lordmac says:

    Look the more you hit Boris the stronger he becomes, in ten weeks time,all their ducks are in order, the fact is that if Boris, asks his team , how well they are playing and they will oblige that they have total control, should things not work out so well, the blame will rest with the European union. and Brussels, Boris is in a win win scenario, as he knows one way another, if he get or doesn’t get, the other 26 Nations will start to stir the pot at a latter date and that is what keeps him in the game. you will never get a brexiter slate there own decision. As there own decisions are made up about immigrants and how to stop them, not about how to feed themselves

  4. Iain macphail says:

    The manifesto for 2021 Holyrood should be interesting.
    I’m all for it saying an SNP/pro-indy government will seek a s30 for a referendum.
    And if that request happened to be refused then the election result will be considered to be a mandate for independence & to enter discussions to immediately rejoin the Customs Union & Single Market (the EU membership question being something for future consideration)
    Just my take

  5. SleepingDog says:

    If the UK government was a person, I think power of attorney would have been invoked by this stage. I guess the health authorities keep applying the mental capacity test, and Johnson only keeps passing it because he can correctly identify who the Prime Minister is.

    1. Douglas Hepburn says:

      Would that be the PM that England thinks it elected, or his unelected boss?

      1. SleepingDog says:

        @Douglas Hepburn, you think there are two of them, like Sith Lords? I wonder.

  6. Tula Jara says:

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