Corona Response

2007 - 2022

Dream State

100,162 deaths from COVID. We know it’s really much more than that. It’s death on a scale we can’t really conceive and it’s made so much worse by the knowledge that there will be no consequence at all for any of this for those responsible.

Our bumbling Prime Minister stumbles out some barely coherent lines, and it goes on.

The Prime Minister says he’s “Sorry for every life lost”.

This is devastating failure and behind it we know there’s lurking another pandemic, the one of untreated illnesses swept under the carpet, the one of loneliness, anxiety and depression.

We end January with our polished shiny hands and our curly locks but our minds crumbling. Many people have referred to a “covid wall” that they’ve hit in the last few weeks. The cumulative strain of just keeping going, the relentless lack of human contact, the ludicrous task of parenting, the economic stress, and the tedium have all combined to make this bit feel unmanageable for many.

It now has a dream-like quality. Time seems to have altered some of its features, days seem both long and short, a year has flashed by and it’s all the same – but also very different.

Nobody’s talking about Banana Bread any more.

Talk of appreciation of bird-song is rare now.

Relationships falter and crack under the pressure. Businesses fold. Industries collapse. The background thrum of endemic corruption continues. The daily reporting of death surrounds you like a fog. The rage and bitterness of Brexit fades as the dumb realities of it roll out in all their dysfunctional glory. Scottish impotence dawns on an angry but exhausted population trying to get through each day.

With all of this the route-map out remains stubbornly vague apart from some mumbling about vaccinations and an ever-extended lock-down. I think we must all know that lock-down will just be extended until significant numbers of the whole population are successfully vaccinated. That may be many months.

A few weeks ago there was talk of it “all being over by Christmas”.

Next year maybe.

There is a yearning for a collective experience that is physical not mental. There is a yearning for leadership that has some sense of credibility. There is a yearning for a vision of a future beyond this that isn’t predicated on the ridiculous idea of just returning things to how they were before. Yet all that people speak of is the old and the familiar. The ability of all of us to kid-on that this is all fine has been stretched beyond its usual mundane delirium.

Why is it so bad and how do they away with it?

We can point to the governments endless failure and corruption, their instinct to put political advantage over public interest, we can point to our own – as a society’s – complete inability to give up our ‘rights’ for a public collective good. We can point to the lack of testing, to late lockdown, to the Christmas fiasco, to the bizarre un-checked constant international travel.

But the truth is also that the virus landed in a country already riven with ill-health and with extreme social inequality. These things are intimately linked. If you follow the pattern of the virus it’s surge is visible in our poorest communities. This is a country disfigured by poverty. That’s the simple reason why we are “world leading” in death.

How do they get away with it?

Because we don’t have a functioning democracy.

Because as a country we don’t have the requisite powers to control our borders.

Because we (sic) are gripped with exceptionalism and triumphalism rather than an appropriate humility and pragmatism.

Because we are obsessed with carrying on as normal in the face of extraordinary tragedy and death.

Because we (sic) prioritise our economy over our society.

Because as a society we are strategically incapable of co-ordinated action as a result of decades of privatisation and encouragement of hyper-individualism.

Because in the face of unimaginable crisis we always go for the most ameliorative – lowest possible intervention we can – rather than respond with the radical urgency required.

Because we are powerless to protest under the conditions we face.

Because the opposition is feckless and useless.

Because we are powerless in the face of failed elite rule.

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  1. Tom Ultuous says:

    Well said.

    “all that people speak of is the old and the familiar”

    It may be that the future of humanity depends on this virus being able to continually mutate such that we are in permanent lockdown. Maybe in 30-40 years today’s young will have found a way to exist without destroying everything around them.

    1. Blair says:


      The under 30’s have already been abandoned by governments in a way that is hard to fathom. The older generation see how different their children’s life is different to their own: The children spend their lives in their bedrooms, on line. Adults are learning that online enables things to be done when everthing else is in lockdown.

      The Dream State, an elite plan to create peace through unity. Control the information and you control the minds of the people. Technology just makes it easier. Advanced Technology running through AI can create alternative realities in real-time which can trick minds: An effect called the Mandela Effect.

      Depending on your experience of simulated environments, the alternative is perceived as real unless you know how systems operate and ought to be. Young children are more likely to be able to tell the difference as they have not been indoctrinated until they inadvertently learn.

      In pre covid times, those who considered themselves in the know followed the money others followed the Technology but an Elite followed their own plan, using their own resources (provided by the common peoples work) passed through the generations until the End Times BREXIT Point.

      For many shall be deceived:

      AI can and does deceive, but AI is only Technology like RI. I too come as “‘Christ in a’ Project” ready to deceive the deceiver by giving feedback on God’s word as he works or dosent work through you.

      Bella, I’m trying not to put you too far in front of The Times but I hope the word ‘get’ noticed missing is just a small oversight.

      Nobody’s perfect yet!


  2. James Mills says:

    Which is more malignant – The Covid virus or successive Tory Governments ?

    1. Blair says:


      Who are we to judge? Judgement will be made by God in His Times.

      For Bell’s readers: A challenge for the mind

      1. Ain’t Christ. ( Jorge Mario Bergoglio)
      2. Cat Drome. ( Referendum Acceptor)
      3. Bluer Panic ( A Conservative )

      Deception is not that difficult, it’s has been happening since the serpent tricked Eve in the Garden of Eden. Today’s AI Technology just makes it easier to decieve the masses, decieve governments and religious orders.

      The BBC World Service broadcast these examples last night. The other broadcasts were challenging too.

      The world has changed and is changing.

      4. Disciples. (Splices ID),can%20be%20translated%20into%20protein.

      We are all at risk of losing if we aren’t careful.
      Knowledge is the key to success and discovering Scotland’s true place within the kingdom and the world.

      RI PR.

  3. Gashty McGonnard says:

    Sad, but true as ever. Thanks.

    There’s something macabre about how they deck out the those UK gov press briefings, as in the photo above. The Angel of Death manifests as BoJo with Butcher’s Apron Bat Wings.

  4. Andrew Anderson says:

    All true, but Ireland is mourning 3000 dead as of yesterday, roughly one third of the UK total, with broadly similar problems in terms of poverty and inequality. And they are feeling bad about where they are with a steep rise in cases in the last months.

    1. Foghorn Leghorn says:

      I don’t think any government’s feeling good at the moment. But there’s political capital to be made out of the current crisis (make hay while the sun shines, as the saying goes) and ambulances to be chased in our political journalism.

  5. John Leavey says:

    Well, just what the unionists want us to think. I agree that Westminster doesn’t offer any hope but that doesn’t mean we are powerless – if we choose to act.
    There’s more than enough misery around at the moment: could you not have offered a little a little hope?

  6. Shaun says:

    Independence not Impotence, it has a ring to it. I wish the Scottish Government would grasp the bull by the horns and re-run the entire school year, take a leaf out the the Scandic countries book and start children at school later, at 7 maybe. The opportunity to expand preschool childcare would create jobs and allow children and parents more time together so that they can be socialised and made ready for learning ahead of entering into an antiquated machine that makes mince of most children. We have an opportunity to do better, make citizens and also further differentiate ourselves from our neighbours, its a opportunity thats not even being discussed.
    The only other option is to put an optional 7th year in place for up to 4 years to allow everyone to catch up and/or mitigate for the loss of learning incurred. It’s time to offer hope through difference, change what we can while we can.

  7. Tom Ultuous says:

    The 4th and possibly largest group being COVID deaths not recorded. The excess death comparisons over the piece will show the Westminster government in an even worse light.

  8. Janie Law says:

    Do nothing and don’t make a fuss. Everything is under control.. …after all we are “great”. This has been an easy sell and so many people tell me that politics/news is boring that challenging this outlook can be dispiriting. Finding a little sprinkling of questioning minds is enough to keep me going though so thanks

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