Holyrood Election Polling


Despite the spin from the Record – and the surround sound attacks against the SNP and the First Minister – the Survation Polls out today are very good news for the SNP, but also for the Scottish Green Party.

The combined seat total of 67 for the SNP and 11 for the Scottish Green Party give a built-in pro-indy majority of 27.

Given that the polling would also show the main party of the Union shunted into third place under their new leader, and the dramatic rise of the Greens to overtake the Liberal Democrats, who only recently held office, it’s difficult not to analyse this as a fantastic endorsement of independence and further mandate for a referendum.

Would Willie Rennie and Douglas Ross survive such a result? Possibly only in the context of low aspiration and a lower talent pool.

The Record and other media are pre-spinning these results.

If, as seems almost certain the Greens and the SNP build into their manifestos a claim for a second referendum, this would be a resounding endorsement of that position and to spin it any other way is a deception.


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  1. David Wood says:

    Interesting. Polls don’t count. Voting does. So for me it will be SNP 1 and 2. The message to the unionists needs to be a strong one.

  2. James Mills says:

    Polls don’t count – unless they show parties what they want to see .

    So 20+ polls showing majority for Independence – forget it !
    One poll showing neck and neck – obviously it is the END for the SNP /Independence / and fools who believe that Scotland can’t do without a corrupt Tory blunderer running our affairs ( when he has the time from his own sordid affairs ).

  3. Wul says:

    “Knife Edge”: When one party wins more seats than all the others combined.

  4. Alex Montrose says:

    If half of the Independence supporters who intend to vote SNP with their 2nd vote, vote for the Greens instead, we could have an Indy majority of nearer 50.

    1. Pub Bore says:

      Yep; from a purely democratic point of view, we do need to reform the voting system in order to preclude such majorities and the tyranny thereof. The present much-vaunted ‘progressive’ PR system clearly isn’t working.

      1. Wul says:

        What “isn’t working” is having opposition parties with no policies other than “We hate the SNP and 50% of Scottish voters should shut TFU”.

        Sticking your fingers in your ears and shouting “No!” disnae really inspire anyone to vote for you.

        Until the issue of independence ( or dependance ) is done and dusted our parliament is going to be lopsided and effectively single-issue. You are right though; it is not good for democracy or making progress. Boring too.

        1. Pub Bore says:

          Having opposition parties is itself just another indication that the present much-vaunted ‘progressive’ PR system clearly isn’t working. That system was intended to abolish the combative style of the politics of the Westminster model and promote government through consensus rather than through majority. Yet, here we are with our own wee Westminster.

          1. Rich says:

            Dear Pub – that system was specifically designed by a centralist government and imposed so as to stymie any party aiming for independence . Westminster never did and still doesn’t want a democratic call for separation from their provincial governments .
            The fact that a pro-independence party can raise more than 50% of the vote is the indicator of quite how alienated folk now are with the supposedly ‘United’ bit of the queendom . Scotland has been the first to feel the pain of any recession and the last ‘region’ to feel any recovery . Because of that it has become a convenient source of educated emigrant labour and soldiery .
            We are shackled to a selfish bully who is prepared to wallow in the shallowest of narrow nostalgic patriotism that doesn’t really include Scotland or indeed ‘the union’ – unless it pays . Wales , Scotland and once Ireland are regarded as ‘subject nations’ by the English history taught in their schools – alternately ‘beaten’ , betrayed or bought over the centuries .
            Unable to control the essential levers of real power – finance , international relations and more – Scotland is still effectively being bled while at the same time being told that it is too weak to stand , let alone walk .
            That supposedly hamstrung devolved parliament will soon be asking for its shoes – let’s see what tricks come in between now and then ! I am sure parcels of rogues will be dispatched northwards (if they are not here already)…

  5. Isobel Hunter says:

    Very happy to see the progress of the Greens. Quite reassuring that people are actually thinking.

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