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Behind the Image of Alasdair Gray’s Bella Caledonia

Lorna Miller looks at the origins behind the Alasdair Gray figurehead, looks back to the inspirational time of 2014 and offers to auction her original postcard design. See here:


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  1. Squigglypen says:

    Squigglypen is doing just fine thank you.. You can find my website at http://www.squigglypen.com.
    How I laughed at your brilliant ..mean ..funny and truthful take on this crazy world we inhabit.
    You’re looking good…keep it up!
    And yes I have donated..and exhort( new word I learned) all to gie Bella money..NOW!
    I miss my dose of vitriol from you…..

    1. Lorna Miller says:

      Brilliant. You’re more organised than me: you’ve got actual books! Hope to be sharing my sick scribbles again some day over the rainbow, if I can remember how to do it! Where’s a millionaire when ye need one?!….oh they’re too busy being politicians! X

  2. Alice says:

    Hi Lorna

    Just lovely to see you, looking gorgeous I may say….hope you are feeling a good deal better…I have been fortunate and avoided you know what despite my senior years. No longer Alba woman …inappropriate for me at this time!

    Remember Lorna, Fortune favours the Brave and boy you are so brave. I will light a candle that financial good fortunes follows soon for you.

    When is the painting going up for auction? Love ❤️ It…beautifully drawn as ever. Alice

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