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Tories Against Clean Air?


The Conservatives brilliant self-own of this leaflet is being picked up by the media. We shared this magnificent leaflet by the Tories in Essex (originally shared by @sarahgoodfello9). Our tweet was seen by almost a quarter of million people and we hear the Scottish Conservatives are now trying to distance themselves from it and say its got nothing to do with them.

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  1. Iain MacLean says:

    What does it mean to be a tory in Scotland?

    The zenith of their ambition is to be ruled from another country and follow that country irrespective of what the Scottish people want or the damage the policies of politicians in that other country have upon Scotland and our people!

    That the tories don’t want to invest in policies for clean air is not a surprise, they are programmed to react negatively to any policy that is designed for the common good.

    Would Davidson or Ross be happy to live a house with poor air quality, no they would not, however they would be happy to let others live in under these conditions. Ross and Davidson would choose to either move house or take actions tackle the low air quality, others with out the means to take similar actions, tough!

    The tories are unable to take a holistic view, they view politics as a means to serve them, those close to them and those of similar thought.

    The tories have never understood the concept of “prevention rather than cure” and “free at the point of care”, so they have never understood the NHS. The tory view the environment is to plunder it for short greed for the benefit of the few to the detriment of the many.

    Our Common Future in Scotland can be one of working with others in the EU and beyond on climate change and other environmental issues. The unthinkable alternative is remaining in a union where we do not get the government we vote for, are not consulted, treated with contempt and live under permanent austerity where we have no power to change the environment for the better!

    1. Alasdair Macdonald says:

      “Would Davidson or Ross be happy to live a house with poor air quality, no they would not, however they would be happy to let others live in under these conditions. Ross and Davidson would choose to either move house or take actions tackle the low air quality, others with out the means to take similar actions, tough!”

      You are spot on!

      I live in the west end of Glasgow, where there are many big hooses, which were once owned by ‘captains of industry’ (i.e ‘slavers and exploiters of working people). and where there are stately tenemented terraces for the middle classes )I live in one!). These abodes are where they are because they are on relatively high ground and the prevailing southwesterly winds, blew the smoke and pollution AWAY from them. Much of the industry was towards the east of the city and on lower levels, such as along Garriochmill Road, the longer and historic part of it now forms the Kelvin Walkway.

      So, the Tories are great supporters of clean air, clean water, government handouts, etc – as long as it is for THEM and only them, because, doncha know, the hoi polloi don’t know any better and need to know their place? Bodger Broon and his ‘lefty’ crony Darling practised ‘socialism for the rich’ by handing out shedloads of public money to the very people who caused the financial crash (and of course Broon’s ‘light touch regulation’ played its part in the perfidy and piracy.

      1. Tom Ultuous says:

        Gobo’s failure to nationalise the banks when he had the chance was the crime of the century. Think how much easier it would’ve been to implement basic universal income, spot money laundering / tax “avoidance” and introduce things like transfer tax had there been a single state owned bank. Plus everyone’s savings would’ve been much safer. He likely became a very rich man by choosing the tory path. It’s nauseating that he’s still wheeled out as the “voice of reason” in Scotland by his new found tory chums.

        1. Iain MacLean says:

          Sadly Brown’s new found tory chums aren’t so new and the ties that bind tories and labour in Scotland are stronger than the ties binding either of these parties to the peoples of Scotland! Brown & Blair won office by selling out to the city!

          Brown is looking for a peerage, you can expect he will spring into action in the lead up to the election in May. Anticipate phrases eminating from Brown such as “stonger together”, “our precious union”, “building a uk for all” and the dreaded F-Word “federalism”.

          All from a man whose promises are completely empty, he is not in a position to deliver upon and never come to fruition!

          Brown is the forgotten pm, sandwhiched inbetween Blair & Cameron and very easily overlooked. It must be difficult for Brown trying to become an elder trusted statesman when the country he was born in he refuses to recognise nor it’s right to self determination!

          1. Tom Ultuous says:

            Spot on Ian. He’s still waiting for his “3 economic tests” to pass so he can take the “UK” into the euro.

      2. Iain MacLean says:

        Prevailing winds, wealth, deprivation, power, politics and planning authorities all play a part in the sifting and segregation of people in cities.

        Remember the “not in my back yard” NIMBY tories, all for industrial developments when it was not in their neighbourhood, but perfectly content when development was approved elsewhere! A bit like Mr Ross and his view of travellers!

        Also recall the cancelation of the one billion pound carbon capture project for Peterhead in 2015. Funnily enough the 2015 cancelation was after the 2014 referendum, any connection, what was it Cameron said, “job done”? Now we have 40% rise in the numbers of trident war heads, a lot of good that is going to do the environment! Talk about prioiorities and choices!

      3. florian albert says:

        I am far from an unconditional admirer of Gordon Brown. I would have expected you to be more grateful to him. It was the vast increase in public spending in 2001 which allowed Scottish teachers to get a 23% pay rise in January 2001. There was no such generosity to school cleaners or to dinner ladies. I annoyed teachers at the time by saying that the pay settlement would have a bigger impact of house prices than on pupil attainment. Brown’s generosity means that teachers continue to live, as you do, in the more prosperous areas in our towns and cities.

        1. Iain MacLean says:

          Brown was a complete disaster, a tragic figure to this day, promoted above his ability, he was left wanting on every occasion!

          PFIs, pensions, city deregulation, gold reserves sold at an all time low, resorting to british jobs for british workers when it all went wrong and refusing to form a coalition to keep the tories out!

          Brown has never answered or apologised for the mess he left behind nor his continuing attacks on a Scottish self determination.

          I’d rate Brown worse than May and on par with Johnson!

  2. Mr Tim Hoy says:

    That’s five of the six things I would like implemented. I hadn’t realised the condom dodger and his greedy privileged cronies were so keen to recruit socialists into the green party. If that’s “extreme left wing politics” to expect us to care about the planet and one another, no wonder their bile has been so normalised.

  3. Justin Kenrick says:

    “Prevent home ownership” is maybe a Tory translation of what they feel it would be like for them if everyone had a safe secure and warm home

    = The end of home ownership as a money making machine

    = The start of enabling all of us to be at home

  4. Dougie Harrison says:

    I’m very proud to be a member of the Scottish Green party, committed to the betterment of humanity and all those with whom we share our lovely planet.

    1. John Monro says:

      ….and so you should be proud, I am equally so a member of the Green Party here in NZ and I take an active role in elections, policy etc. The Greens though are perpetual wall flowers in parliament, but every now and then some useful legislation will arise from Green representation and activism, but it is hard, hard going at times. Cheers. JKM

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