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WE have two days to go and are on 79%. Can you help us get to our target? Go HERE to donate if you can.

As well as the shot in the arm (topical) these funds will allow us to continue to employ freelancers over the next year. The more we can raise the more we can do. We have had some amazing endorsements from Irvine Welsh, Gerry Hassan, AL Kennedy, Darren McGarvey, Colonel Mustard, Peter Geoghegan, Pat Kane, Janey Godley, Anthony Barnett and Lesley Riddoch – but the best endorsements are from our readers and supporters. Here’s some of the comments people have left.

“Receiving a post from Bella is one of the highlights of the day. Even if the subject matter of one is of no great interest there will something worth reading along soon. Always informative, quite a few are outstanding pieces of writing: thoughtful oases in a desert of mediocrity.” – David McGill
“Bella is easily the most progressive and insightful pro indy media source out there. Delighted to support.” – Sinéad Collins
“Independent Scottish media is an important asset that I am glad to support” – Kevin Ralston
“Supporting great writing for Scotland :)” – Paul Macdonald
“An oasis in the Scottish media desert.” – Jamie Jauncey

“I’ve enjoyed the writing in Bella since the 2014 indyref and so its only right that I support that. Keep up the good work!” – Jane Francis

“Massive thanks for all you do – Scotland is a better place for the wring Bella shares, the debate you spark and the perspectives you highlight. xx” – Katherine Trebeck

“I’m delighted to support Bella Caledonia. It’s one of the most inspiring places to read diverse, thought-provoking news and opinion pieces.” – Joyce Gilbert

“We in the north of Ireland are depending on you leaving, that makes it so much more important for us to bravely make our move, we are looking towards you as you are a huge inspiration to us. My simple donation is my way of helping you towards your freedom from Tory Britain and it unbridled bigotry towards the people of Scotland. Your ambition is our ambition.” – Jean Martin

“It’s not just Mike’s pieces I value but the diversity from the like of George & Lorna. Here’s tae ye all.” – Jim Carruthers

“Bella is a great asset to Scottish culture and politics. As the bulk of the mainstream media continues its full scale assault on Scotland’s right to self determination it continues to explore the paths to making Scotland a better nation.” – Robert Somerville

“A pure love Bella 💘” – Fiona Hutton

“This is exactly what we need. I never buy newspapers or click their links. Press is a disgrace in this country.” – Maureen Craig

“Recent events show that we need Bella Caledonia more than ever and it must not be allowed to go under. It is an essential corrective to both the right wing press and to hate-filled social media. This is my second donation and only wish it could be more.” – Anne Daniels

“Bella is about the only consistent public forum for the pro-indy left. It’s essential that they continue.” – James Barrowman

“Keep Going” – Catherine McNamara

“Bella provides reliable and trustworthy information creatively audaciously and intelligently and gives a platform to the diversity of a’ Jock Tamson’s bairns wherever they are and regardless of ‘status’ committing to the future Scotland, a land fit for the dispossessed and the internationalist.” – Janet Fenton

“Keep her lit!” – Betty Conlon

“I’m here for the poetry and playlists 💚💚💚 Thanks guys” – Miranda Sally

“Bella Caledonia is a vital and welcoming space for thoughtful reflection, challenging analysis, eclectic creativity and insight – for, from and about Scotland. Long may Bella flourish…” – Lesley Orr

“An important voice in our community. Best of luck in this crowdfund.” – Alison George Buck

“I love Bella Caledonia. It is simply the best place for contemporary Scottish politics, culture and everything else. All the best!” – Thomas Britton

“Tha Bella boidheach.” – David Eyre

“I’ve really appreciated the quality of comment and analysis from a variety of contributors over the last year. I think Bella Caledonia has offered great insight into COVID, BLM, Edinburgh Festivals as well as Independence and that wider remit is something I especially enjoy. Please keep up the great work!” – Gordon Ballantyne

“Read BELLA every day and want to continue to do so A stunning contribution to the growth of contemporary Scotland Keep up the good work and thanks for all your efforts.” – Douglas Scott

“Bella keeps the flame of independent thinking alight. Always stimulating, sometimes inspiring never complacent. Brava Bella!” – Mary Lockhart

“Lorna Miller #solidarityaroundtheworld Discourse. Go.” – Britten Leigh Pascale

“All good wishes & keep up the fab work, making diverse voices heard in Scotland and beyond!” – Mira Knoche

“Keep combating the lies, propaganda and evasions coming from the self hating Scottish Tories and the uk unionist press.” – Donald Fowler

“An open source of information for the wider independence movement, where different viewpoints can contribute to a higher level of understanding.” – Allan Armstrong

Honestly – the tirade of abuse we have to go through every single day means that these comments come as a delightful surprise and are worth more than a single penny (well, almost).

Thank you so much.

Maybe you’ve been reading Bella for free for years?

Maybe you supported us many years ago but never since?

Maybe you’ve been appalled at the collapse of standards in the media and want to support an alternative?

We have a favour to ask.  Tens of thousands of people rely on Bella for independent journalism with a critical edge.  We have no big-backers, remain ad-free and don’t hide behind a paywall. We set our own agenda and provide  analysis that’s free from commercial and political influence. Support us here to defend indy media for the future. Thanks.


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