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  1. Lord Murray says:

    For everyone lost is a tragedy for the families and society, but you can’t control individual choice nor should we. We only look at the numbers and pick on those trying to change things for the better . We should be pointing the finger of blame on the manufacturers, dealers and the Westminster government. Asking “ where and who manufactures these drugs” and if it’s done inside the U.K. How do they get their hands on the chemicals to produce such deadly drugs . We’re all to good at asking those at the end of the chain to fix the problem ,when we should be holding those involved and responsible in its process to book . Some proper investigation into who, how and where would stop or slow the drugs reaching the streets . We have to see past what’s in the here and now as knowing what and where the next load of drugs are coming from will hopefully save some ,but we can’t save the all . Smoking killed 76,000 in England last year alone and over 10,000 in Scotland ,but that’s not news the Colonists masquerading as Unionists can use against the SNP . You need to be asking “Why are Westminster shouting about the numbers “ is it just because they have cut the budget by 40% in real terms and are again hiding the truth. Scammers don’t what you to see the truth ,just like Westminster and the Tories . People get blinded by the shouting and fooled by those who see you as the fools to be fleeced. The Westminster Government have been in charge for over 300 years and still not fixed anything , the SNP are hamstrung and money poor thanks the Westminster system . You can’t fight with both hands tied behind your back , if you what to win the fight vote to remove the handcuffs. It’s your chance to fight for what’s right . Every person lost to drugs deserves all of society to fight for justice and truth , the lies of the past has cost to many. You can’t stop the flood when Westminster are the pushing the tsunami of drugs north and their power the under mine all and attempts to stem the tide. To many of the population are using drugs and Westminster uses that as control , they have no thought for those they sacrifice to keep them in power and riches. Don’t blame the crew for a bad ship ,it’s the fault of the Man in charge , Captain Boris ..

    1. Alison Lindsay says:

      My views exactly. Scotland’s problem is tragic but what are Police priorities throughout the UK? How are these drugs produce in Scotland, imported into Scotland and distributed first to the innocent youth then controlling their addiction and using them as distributors and spreaders of addiction amongst their friends. I cannot understand why users seem to keep the mechanism secret even if they are arrested or in services for recovery. There must be a way to obtain this information from users and protect them in recovery whilst the police tract down both the distributing users ( whilst protecting and caring for them) and the dealers/ criminal drug organisations.

      1. LolliesMa says:

        But haven’t you heard? Police Scotland announced it and it was on the evening News perhaps three years ago: They no longer have the budget to place drug dealers under surveillance. So pot- luck captures only. The deadly substances remain illegal. Users are likely to be picked up by the police trying to fund the habit. The cruelty shown to them accross society is horrible. From the Glasgow dealers selling doorstep “£1 digs” in dirty works to the poorest and most desperate to the cat calls of ” Junky scum” from kids in the street to the inhumane horror of an unassisted prison withdrawal. The trauma is repeatedly compounded and the cycle of addiction continues. These drugs take peoples lifes long before they die. The Scottish Government and Police Scotland don’t know what to do. The users are unlikely to ever organise or even realise what’s happening to them. Addiction in Scotland is the symptom of repeated, generational traumas. It’s a National scandal and our National Shame. It’s not a sexy subject, scratch the surface and it’s unbelievably dark. Things go on in our cities and towns that most would rather believe did not. I believe that we need to protect vulnerable addicts. The SG annoyed me by repeatedly referring to an ” aging cohort ” when referring to drugs deaths. They means these lifes don’t matter because they are 35+ at time of death and they squandered their time on substances. There is no time limit on recovery. I have seen people in their 60s get clean after a lifetime of trauma. It’s well known that folk don’t clearly see the wrong done to them until later life: look at all the historical child abuse convictions. Wonderful lifes can be lead. Truly productive lives, but those who are standing who have room to see, please don’t neglect to raise your Brothers and Sisters from their knees.

    2. fehvepehs says:

      Brilliant comment Lord Murray. Says it all.

  2. Hector says:

    Funny how drug waves always follow referendums

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