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  1. Squigglypen says:

    Don’t you just love those soundbites..Build back bigger…..let’s get it done…..all excrement…

    Howabout we build a big wide border between us and those b*******s south of our land..and I include all of them..they voted for Brexit and put Boris the Buffoon in place. As we say in Glesga..’hell mend them’.
    ……Lorna can design it…cos I see she’s already got a brick wall started in her cartoon….So Lorna..there’s a challenge…design a border…..gun emplacements sited every 10 yards…….

  2. Alice says:

    Love the colours Lorna …gorgeous red ….Johnson is horrendous as are his court members ….we have to flee somehow.

  3. DAVID SMART says:

    So much going on here. Love the dribbled pish stains on the clown’s breeks

  4. Robbie says:

    Yes it’s a very good cartoon Lorna ,you have also captured the sinister and foreboding aspect of our situation ,the danger Scotland finds itself in being led by this Clown and his bunch of Jokers, “I thought nobody could Trump , Trump as the worlds biggest eejit.

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