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Boris and the Super Rich

This is great from the Double Down News – part of the new landscape of alternative media and worth following here. Peter Oborne is an unconventional journalist but a brilliant one … here he is on how Boris Johnson’s ruthless drive for power is dismantling democracy in the interest of the super-rich:

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  1. Alasdair Macdonald says:

    Yes, very lucid, very explicit. I think the readers of this site and others like Open Democracy, are well aware of the route which the Johnson Party is following and the fact that this ‘party’ comprises the extremely wealthy and their lackeys.

    He is accurate regarding New Labour and the attempt at New Labour redux under the hapless and mediocre Starmer. Although many readers of this site abominate the mendacity and greed of Tony Blair, he was an accomplished communicator and politician, which is something about which Starmer is incompetent. Bodger Broon, for all his rhetoric about the historic mission of Labour, was as complicit as Blair in the shift towards association with global financial interests. When the venal speculators almost brought the financial system down the Bodger and ex-Trotskyite posh boy, Alistair Darling transferred shedloads of public money to the same people and prosecuted none.

    And, yet, the dwindling Scottish Labour continues to say that we are Better Together and joins in the antidemocratic Johnsonian attitude that they will not allow Scotland a referendum for at least 10 more years.

    1. Alex McCulloch says:

      Emm……..well said!!!!

      How can we engage people to join a conversation about being leaders in their own lives? , believing that participation can lead to a better reality in their own lives and own areas?
      Can an Independent Scotland lead a breakthrough in changing structures and systems that serve only the few?

  2. John Gurk says:

    This article on Boris just made my day and if this does not wake people up then I think we deserve no better and as my late father used to say AND HELL SLAP IT INTO THEM.

  3. Squigglypen says:

    Subscribe to Broadcast Scotland…gotta start somwhere….

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