56 Degrees North – Interviews Jonathon Shafi on the SNP debacle

Welcome to 56 Degrees North a new podcast for you featuring a mix of rants and reflections on what the hells going on, each episode we’ll hear from writers and activists, poets and artists, collaborators and dissenters. This is the world as seen from the 56th degree north, a slice of audio brought to you as we peer out through our fingers at the world in all its glory and chaos.

As the SNP crisis deepens we interview Jonathon Shafi, of Independence Captured on where this goes and who (if anyone) benefits? What does this mean for the independence movement?

Listen to our Podacst 56 Degrees North below:



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  1. Blair Breton says:

    It’s unclear to me what offense has been committed. It’s essentially an argument about how the money has been used. SNP is the party of Indy and almost everything could be considered campaigning to this end. Mal administration perhaps. In Northern Ireland the republicans report arrest without charge used to create suspicion and damage their party.

    1. Alex Wall says:

      Fraud looks like the suspicion. Maximum sentence is 10 years. Legal liability would fall on the company CEO, treasurer, and probably ‘leader’, although it’s not likely for the entire board of directors in a limited company. Under common law those three may have personal financial liability if found guilty.

    2. seonaidh says:

      Agree. I’m in no party but have donated to the SNP as well as Greens, Yes and other groups in the past. The raison d’etre of the SNP is independence so I don’t give a flying fck if my wee bit of dosh was used ‘for the party’ or for a ‘campaign’.

      Haven’t listend to Shafi yet but I imagine he’s playing the same tune he’s played for years. He may not be ‘wrong’ as such but his own political campaigns/ party haven’t exactly set the heather alight.

  2. Alex McCulloch says:

    SNP , Party of , vehicle of , enabler of Independence.

    SNP Party of , government, continually growing support for Independence, 100’s of elected officials, 1000’s of activists

    Unionist parties and media – demonisers of SNP

    YES movement commentariat- demonisers of SNP ( as opposed to ever using platform to persuade or make positive case for Independence)

    Go figure!

  3. Jake Solo says:

    Nobody is listening any more because they found out nobody was home in the first place.

    ATL and BTL are going to have to come up with something new.

  4. Paddy Farrington says:

    Thanks Mike and Jonathon for an interesting, thoughtful, and measured assessment of the current situation within the SNP and the wider independence movement. I’d be tempted to call it a rapid unscheduled disassembly, but for the fact that its causes clearly stretch back in time.

    As someone involved in a still reasonably active local Yes group, this raises the question: what should our focus be now? Carrying on as before seems increasingly Quixotic.

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