Lasagna Ganja


Each month we feature a recommended podcast from around the interweb. This month we take a look at the Lasagna Ganja podcast which “combines cannabis education and entertainment with hosts Rapper Xzibit and Tammy The Cannabis Cutie.”

The (very) relaxed hosts explain: “In this visual podcast we explore the world of cannabis from its history and culture, to the latest industry trends and scientific break throughs. From discussing the best ways to consume cannabis to exploring the medicinal benefits of the plant. We’ll even keep you updated about the laws/policies around cannabis.”

This is recorded in California where cannabis is completely legal. Its available on You Tube, Spotify or Apple.

It’s an amazing insight into what cannabis culture looks like in a country where over 20 states have completely legalised use – and what this might look like in Scotland.

Legality of cannabis in the United States Legal for recreational use (blue) Legal for medical use (green) Illegal D Decriminalized Notes: · Reflects law of states and territories, including laws which have not yet gone into effect. Does not reflect federal, tribal, or local laws. · Hemp and hemp-derived products have been legal since the enactment of the 2018 Farm Bill. 


In this episode WTF does that mean? Xzibit and Tammy take us on a journey through the vibrant and sometimes perplexing world of cannabis terminology. “Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or a complete newcomer, this episode is your gateway to understanding the language of cannabis like never before.”

Enjoy and explore dozens of other episodes …

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  1. Wul says:

    I detest the weed-smoking culture. Everyone I know who was into it became a boring, do-nothing bag of paranoia. Usually skint too.

    It might make a wealthy rock star feel more “creative”, but for your average Joe, who has to take the bins out, clan the lavvy, make the dinner and earn a crust, it’s a massive brake on opportunity.

    Maybe some of that is down to it’s current illegal status?

    1. George says:

      Wow, Wul, are you this ignorant about everything you comment on or just this topic? Seriously, you think like a child. I use cannabis daily and it makes my life better by controlling my anxiety and depression. Why don’t you try learning about things, thinking them through, and THEN making a comment. That would be greeaat!

    2. david says:

      Gosh, Wul, I think you need a friends upgrade. Having been a stoner for 50 years, I can report that none of my stoner chums are’ boring, do-nothing bag of paranoia’. As for ‘brake on opportunity’, have you been inside what they call a ‘public house’? It’s like an opium den, except with alcohol.

      I am not a wealthy rock star, I am a retired IT professional who ran their own business for 30 years and created lots of employment.

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