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    The Scots Festival

    Alistair Heather previews the Scots language shows at the Edinburgh Festival. Anithir Festival Fringe lours. Curtains are tae raise aa ower Embra as thirty thoosan […]

    Alistair Heather 2nd Aug'16 10
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    Help Bring the Word-O-Mat to Glasgow

    Wot is the Word-O-Mat? “Word-o-Mat is a vending machine designed to satisfy your cravings for language. It was born out of a love affair between short […]

    17th Jun'16 0
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    Jim Monaghan 13th Jun'16 0
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    Hugh MacDiarmid and Prejudice

    Hugh MacDiarmid was a fascist. As well as a communist, Scottish nationalist, Scots Republican, and Social Creditor. And – what is sometimes forgotten – often […]

    Scott Lyall 9th Jun'16 16
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    Settling: Theresa Muñoz

    Theresa Muñoz is a poet and critic whose debut collection ‘Settle’, published last month by Vagabond Voices, explores themes of national identity, immigration, racism and […]

    25th May'16 7
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    Jonathan Rimmer 12th May'16 2
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    May Day

    There’s a beautiful poster design by Lorna Miller and some background info for the inspiration behind the poster… “This year’s poster is my up to […]

    13th Apr'16 0
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    Play Me Something

    Join Bella Caledonia at The Glad Cafe in Glasgow on Wednesday 4th of May, for a rare screening of Play Me Something, a hidden gem of […]

    7th Apr'16 0
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    The Surreal Art of Austerity Europe

    This is a story about money, power and the surreal art of austerity Europe, with a dead artist and the Portuguese and wider European public […]

    Douglas Stuart Wilson 19th Feb'16 3
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    Cringe Worthy

    Poor Alex Massie embarks on some predictable snarky cultural commentary in his wee corner of the Times today. But what has upset him so much? […]

    Mike Small 16th Feb'16 76
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    And the next Makar is …

    “I accept it on behalf of poetry itself, which is, and always has been, the core of our culture, and in grateful recognition of the […]

    Kevin Williamson 15th Feb'16 16
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    Loki 8th Feb'16 37
  • Arts & Culture
    5th Feb'16 11
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    A History Maker

    Here is Jo Clifford’s moving and funny Reply Of The Lassies from the SNP Govan Burns Supper. Theatre-maker Jo Clifford is the first trans woman to make […]

    Jo Clifford 25th Jan'16 0

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