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    The Unelected are Our New Saviours

    Scotland had previously been understood as a ‘Liminal Land’ – stuck halfway, mid-process – between the states of devolution and independence – between something and […]

    Mike Small 18th May'18 14
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    Hostile Environment

    This spring saturday what do the newspapers tell us about the state we live in? The Daily Express wails at accountability for past military action […]

    Mike Small 12th May'18 19
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    Ken Ferguson 26th Apr'18 1
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    The Principle of Consent

    So THIS is what they meant by “Taking Back Control!” Actually, that’s not just a flip remark. “Take Back Control” worked so well as a […]

    Peter Arnott 26th Apr'18 29
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    Bouncing Babies, Brexit and Britain

    You get battle-weary of these phenomenon. The stream of jubilees, weddings, babies, marriages, divorces, and minor incidents is relentless. If they’re not dying they’re being […]

    Mike Small 24th Apr'18 10
  • Brexit
    6th Apr'18 22
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    Europa and the bull(shitters)

    Douglas Ross, the Tory MP for Moray, can kick back. His place in history is assured by his golden phrase: a cold sick Brexit. Us […]

    Gordon Guthrie 2nd Apr'18 43
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    Mike Small 27th Mar'18 9
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    Non Negotiable Fish

    John Lamont talking tough whilst scrabbling about for credibility on BBC Radio this morning was as funny and as tragic as his colleague, the unfortunate […]

    Mike Small 20th Mar'18 18
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    Jamie Maxwell 18th Mar'18 23
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    Only Begin

    The Yes movement? A Renew movement? A movement renewed to renew a society that cares … argues Justin Kenrick

    Justin Kenrick 16th Mar'18 9
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    Now is the Time

    There’s a trope in early Hollywood: a girl, bound to railway tracks, an oncoming train. That’s the situation we’re in now: Brexit is the oncoming […]

    Simon Brooke 9th Mar'18 172
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    Scotland, Dark Money and the Prince

    As vans trundle around London in the crudest propaganda campaign for an insidious regime the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is welcomed to Britain […]

    Mike Small 7th Mar'18 2
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    The Reality After this One

    Peter Arnott suggests that Scottish independence, when it comes, will be ‘as natural as rain’, but we may have to wait until the Brexit plays […]

    Peter Arnott 6th Mar'18 137
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