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  • Scottish Culture

    A Question of Sport

      Around a decade ago, still with the naive belief that a Scots-speaking ‘ned’ from the South West would be given any sort of opportunity […]

    Daibhidh Rothach 6th May'14 25
  • Arts & Culture

    Gaelic Media Facts

    Amazing the value for money in Gaelic broadcasting. It survives on small budgets and punches way above its weight. The BBC invests £4.9m in BBC […]

    Arthur Cormack 17th Jul'13 8
  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig

    Speaking our Language

    Gaelic as an option among other new world languages such as Mandarin and Portuguese could propel a Scottish generation confidently into the economies of the […]

    Fiona MacInnes 18th Dec'11 17
  • Identity

    Gaelic Language Matters

    The Gaelic digital service BBC Alba has been broadcasting for more than eighteen months now, but is still struggling to find its feet. In many […]

    Wilson Macleod 10th Apr'10 6
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