Amazing the value for money in Gaelic broadcasting. It survives on small budgets and punches way above its weight.

The BBC invests £4.9m in BBC Alba which achieves a 15.9% reach and 1hr 53mins average viewing time per week. For an investment of £50m in BBC4, the corporation achieves a 14.2% reach and just 1hr 44 mins viewing time per week. BBC3 costs £89.7m, achieves a 23.2% reach and 1hr 58 mins per week average viewing time.

The real cracker is £1.129 billion on BBC1 which achieves 7hr 51mins viewing per week while good old BBC Radio nan Gàidheal receives just £3.8m and achieves an average 7hrs 6mins listening.

‘S math a rinn sibh a tha an-sàs ann an craoladh Gàidhlig – beò air glè bheag de bhuidseat ach a’ soirbheachadh a dh’aindheoin sin!