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  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig

    Not Spoken Here

    After David Mundell’s attempts to re-brand Scotland out of the Scottish Office, we speculated about what a further de-Scottishification process might look like – “Welcome […]

    10th Jul'18 1
  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig
    Abi Lightbody 18th Jun'18 26
  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig
    Sgioba Misneachd 31st May'18 18
  • Commentary

    Sign Language

    I had a somewhat sobering thought this morning, next year I will have been driving for forty years. Being brought up with a step-father in […]

    Ewen McLachlan 27th Apr'18 9
  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig

    The Power of the Colonised Mind

    I started to write this article in Gaelic, with a view to bolstering Bella’s already excellent corpus of Gaelic-language articles, but I realised that in […]

    Marcas Mac an Tuairneir 25th Apr'18 81
  • Commentary
    Iain McKinnon 11th Mar'18 41
  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig

    The Gaelic for Hygge

    Calum MacLeod on gaelic nonsense from Visit Scotland …

    Calum MacLeod 13th Dec'17 15
  • Commentary
    Griogair Labhruidh 5th Dec'17 49
  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig
    Màrtainn Mac a' Bhàillidh 22nd Nov'17 18
  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig

    Gaelic Publishing on Bella

    We have been writing on gaelic culture and language since 2010 [State of The Art / Staid Na h-Ealain ] and for the past few […]

    Mike Small 7th Nov'17 6
  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig

    Backing Bella

    Readers and writers have been responding to Bella’s tenth anniversary and fundraising appeal. Here’s Rona MacDonald … * Donate to support Bella here. Thank you.

    Rona Dhòmhnallach 19th Oct'17 0
  • Events
    Griogair Labhruidh 11th Oct'17 7
  • Arts & Culture

    The Tiger who Came to Tea

    It’s clear that many of our cultural institutions are not fit for purpose and are still mired in slightly weird inappropriate dispositions, a historic legacy […]

    Mike Small 29th Jun'17 43
  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig

    Gainnead de Ghàidhlig aig NMS

    Tha MISNEACHD a’ togail fianais an aghaidh Taisbeanadh nan Seumasach, Taighean-tasgaidh Nàiseanta na h-Alba. Bliadhna Theàrlaich, Mac Mhaighstir Alasdair agus sgeulachd nan Seumasach, chan eil […]

    14th Jun'17 4
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