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Better Together

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    Three Long Years

    “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” – John Lydon 1978 Three years after the biggest exercise in mass political education met a professional propaganda campaign backed by […]

    Mike Small 18th Sep'17 15
  • #Indyref2

    Better Together Campaign

    This presentation by Rob Shorthouse is remarkable for a number of reasons, not least astonishing levels of assumption-making and self-deception (which we’ll explore fully in […]

    Mike Small 24th Jul'16 59
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    Stephen Paton 11th Jul'16 0
  • Review

    The People’s Referendum

    In the weeks and months leading up to September’s referendum, Peter Geoghegan travelled across Scotland – and Europe – meeting people on all sides of […]

    2nd Feb'15 24
  • Commentary
    7th Jan'15 137
  • Economics

    Debt Bomb Britain

    By John S Warren Be under no illusion, even the Conservative and Labour parties do not believe they are offering a choice to the electorate […]

    5th Jan'15 118
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    The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is…

    When President Roosevelt made his Inaugural Address to the American people in the middle of the Great Depression he began with these words: “So, first […]

    John S Warren 6th Sep'14 6
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    Vonny Moyes 28th Aug'14 9
  • Women

    Eat Your Cereal

      I’m actually starting to wonder who Better Together actually are. If I close my eyes and let my brain go a little skewiff (the […]

    Abi Cornwall 27th Aug'14 39
  • Commentary

    South Kessock for Yes

    Jonathon Shafi responds to Better Together’s challenge to the idea that the most deprived area of Inverness is looking like one of the strongholds of […]

    Jonathon Shafi 12th Aug'14 14
  • Commentary
    Douglas Robertson 12th Aug'14 21
  • Commentary
    John S Warren 21st Jul'14 9
  • Commentary

    A Letter to No Voters

    If you vote No, my friends, my brothers and sisters, whoever you think is going to be in charge of your future, it isn’t going […]

    Peter Arnott 26th Jun'14 39
  • Commentary

    Illogical Positivism

    Did Better Together really believe that in the referendum there was nothing to discuss? Did they really believe everything would continue as before, even if […]

    John Warren 22nd Jun'14 21
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