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    Here’s some photos from the Commemorative Screening of Braveheart at the Dominion Cinema yesterday as part of the Edinburgh Film Festival. It’s difficult to tell […]

    Joyce McMillan 27th Jun'14 44
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    Mike Small 19th Apr'12 67
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    Braveheart Buddhists

    “Independence isn’t just history.” That was the message of leafleters outside Scottish cinema screenings in the 1990s as Wallace rode onto our screens ready to […]

    Andrew Barr 23rd Jan'12 10
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    Learn Breton with Mel Gibson

    Our readers in Brittany may like to know that Mel Gibson’s ‘Braveheart’ is being shown tomorrow night (Thursday 21st) on a number of local channels […]

    Mike Small 20th Apr'11 2
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