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Caroline Criado Perez

  • Commentary

    On Shame, Both Personal and Political

    Janice Galloway has written a brilliant essay in support of Scotland’s political self-determination, exposing the connection between shame and the denial of dignity and power. […]

    Julia Macintosh 25th Aug'14 7
  • Media

    Towards a Fifth Estate

    Everywhere we look, our media is failing us. Whether it’s the referendum campaign, the reporting from Gaza, or the representation of women, it’s a corrosive, […]

    Mike Small 8th Aug'14 4
  • Media
    Mike Small 4th Aug'14 0
  • Media

    A Public Press: Reclaiming the Media

    With Edward Snowden in exile, and Andy Coulson in Belmarsh and in the heat of the referendum debate it seems an ideal time to look […]

    Mike Small 31st Jul'14 11
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