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Edward Snowden

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    Secret Flight for Snowden

    Did Britain collude with the USA in a secret bid to capture the whistleblower Edward Snowden? The issue raises concerns about a flight which crossed […]

    3rd Feb'16 1
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    Sim City

    By Mike Small The tweet is simple: “EU’s signal to Greece is clear: Democratic will of people no longer means anything in Europe. Banks trump […]

    21st Feb'15 45
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    Blue Labour

      Yesterday was a historic day. The Daily Record dedicated an eight-page pull out to what they are describing (straight-faced) as ‘extracts from the most […]

    Mike Small 3rd Jun'14 11
  • Media

    Prison Playground

    In a highly publicised and controversial campaign which brought record numbers to the ballot box, Glasgow University students last week overwhelmingly voted NSA whistleblower Edward […]

    Catherine Happer 26th Feb'14 1
  • Commentary

    Alternative Scottish Honours

    As The Times announces George Gideon Osborne as ‘Briton of the Year’ – surely confirming that we live in different political universes – we offer […]

    Mike Small 28th Dec'13 29
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    The End of Privacy

    The idea that a post-Britain Scotland would be less secure than one associated with British foreign policy misadventure has been derided. Douglas Stuart Wilson explores […]

    Douglas Stuart Wilson 31st Oct'13 11
  • Commentary
    Kevin Williamson 23rd Jun'13 13
  • Antifascism

    Hope is the Enemy of the Status Quo

    A talk given at the Solas Festival This week saw a major gaffe by the No campaign – listing a series of institutions that we […]

    Mike Small 22nd Jun'13 3
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