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    From Scotland with Love *

    By Mike Small What a weird empty election campaign characterised by selfies, twitter-spats and endless debate about the outcome itself. Like the political equivalent of […]

    Mike Small 6th May'15 22
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    The Real Alternative

    By Mike Small It’s over. Almost time to go in and bayonet the wounded. Of all the harsh news cascading around Murphy, Dalgety and McTernan’s […]

    4th Mar'15 81
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    For a Yes Alliance in May

    Peter Arnott’s very insightful post last Sunday highlighted the tension between the broader YES movement’s expectation of a unified election campaign in May which could […]

    Gordon Morgan 30th Nov'14 33
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    Start As We Mean to Go On

    Laura Eaton Lewis argues we need to be the change you want to see. There is another big question facing Scotland… what happens on September […]

    Laura Eaton-Lewis 10th Sep'14 8
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