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Iain Gray

  • Commentary

    Love’s Labour’s Lost

    As the political fratricide within Labour rumbles on like a sort of Edgar Alan Poe spectacle it’s disconcerting that the person who is on the […]

    Mike Small 26th Oct'14 75
  • Media
    Mike Small 26th Apr'11 2
  • Commentary

    What if?

    With the People’s Toff and the increasingly miserable Krampus figure of Nick Clegg Labour should be romping home. It’s testimony to the complete failure of […]

    Mike Small 13th Apr'11 2
  • Media

    STV Lost Leaders Debate

    Last night’s STV Leaders debate was missing much: quality production, coherent format and Patrick Harvie, leader of the Scottish Greens a party – according to […]

    Mike Small 30th Mar'11 3
  • New Labour

    Fade to Gray

    This from Open Democracy’s Our Kingdom website: “This is charitably the fifth policy position of Scottish Labour on the independence question in two years. First, […]

    Mike Small 29th Sep'09 2
  • Politics

    Let the People Decide

    Last nights Scottish Labour Party Political Broadcast was dressed with more saltires than the Tartan Army tour bus, and tried really really hard to convince you that […]

    Mike Small 6th Mar'09 5
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