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Ian Smart

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    Alan Smart 1st Aug'14 29
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    The Union as Racketeering

    We’re witnessing now the No campaign and the Unionist infrastructure (what old Marxists would call ‘hegemony’) descend into a base language centred around threats and […]

    Mike Small 7th Nov'13 8
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    The 2% Gang

    UKIP and George Galloway are the 2% gang – statistical anomalies in Scottish politics. Here Alan Smart reports on their collective nonsense. “I’ll tell you […]

    Alan Smart 20th May'13 9
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    Lords Lawyers and Racist Tweets

    The hypocrisy of the No campaign and their media cheerleaders is both overwhelming, and, slightly comic. As a touchstone of what’s happened to Labour though […]

    6th May'13 9
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