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Lords Lawyers and Racist Tweets

The hypocrisy of the No campaign and their media cheerleaders is both overwhelming, and, slightly comic. As a touchstone of what’s happened to Labour though this is actually tragic …

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  1. Charles Patrick O'Brien says:

    Aye well I did not expect any better from the Britnats,they are also cybernats just Brit ones.Although there are times when I have questioned somebody’s ability to listen and read,they never listened nor wanted to in case the truth changed their bigoted stance,the union is over and for many reasons.I do think that unless behaviour improves from the unionists we will have a lot more trouble in these islands than ever.

  2. Macart says:

    So much innate hatred of the SNP and independence support in general has blinded these people to the damage they are causing.

    They tend to forget however that there are those who are taking note of the tenor of comment and debate online.

    “… Dr Mark Shephard of Strathclyde University last month hosted a discussion in the House of Commons – “Discourse on Scottish Independence – Politicians versus Publics” Published 8th May 2012 –

    Findings:- “the majority of posts (in the media) are anti-SNP/Independence and anti-Salmond rather than anti-English/anti-union. In terms of language, too, comments about the SNP and independence are much more vitriolic than about the union and UK”

    People with access can judge for themselves. Go online, get onto the sites and forums and have even a casual perusal of the language in use. You’ll find people on both sides whose language, comment or attitude you may disagree with, but look to see who is actually trying to impart information and who is merely there to primarily cause offence.

  3. I’m absolutely amazed that some of the papers have actually covered it this morning. I’ve had to go out and buy a whole range of new hats to eat. Is the tide turning, perhaps? Or was it just too much to ignore?

    Anyway, I’d like to think this marks the deepest low and that unionist hatemongers will start watching their language now that they can see they’re NOT untouchable. But that would really require their elected politicians like Ian Davidson, Anas Sarwar, Jim Murphy and Margaret Curran to stop using inflammatory language. Needless to say, I won’t be holding my breath on that one!

    And of course, he still refuses to apologise…

  4. scotchwoman says:

    Doug, which papers have covered it?

  5. Billfaedenny says:

    Labour lost their moral compass when they ditched socialism in favour of neo-liberalism – that’s why Yes Scotland is supported by groups like Labour for Independence – so this latest embarrassment is not unexpected.Sorry to see Jack McConnell’s response, I always thought he was fairly decent but perhaps taking ennoblement has skewed his focus. The Scottish media, even with it’s unionist bias, must surely condemn in the strongest terms Ian Smart’s outrageous claim that the people of an Independent Scotland would scapegoat immigrants. Ian Smart has made a mistake and should have the decency to apologise and move on, if not it would be logical to assume that his use of the race card was intentional.

    1. Please please please
      dont give people like Ian Smart the fig leaf of “making an error”
      the comment he made in spite of people (on his side ) trying to moderate his language he still persisted in his disgusting comments by accusing the SNP of being the Klu Klux Klan ,yhe man is lower than a snakes belly and should be regarded as such, and if the better no campaign dont isolate him and decry his filth ,well then we know full well what faces us post a no vote then eh?

    2. jdmank says:

      pleas don’t give this man the fig leaf by suggesting he made a mistake, lets be clear here, that creature knew full well what he was saying and then backed that disgusting comment up with an accusation that the SNP were the KKK ,if the better no campaing don’t isolate and him and disown those comments , well then we know exactly what sort of a country we face post a no vote dont we?

  6. John Souter says:

    Let then rant.

    The more they rant the greater their fear.

    I have a wee prediction for you – just prior to the 2014 referendum the Queen will abdicate in favour of Charles.

  7. andyshall says:

    Worth noting that George Galloway is promoting much the same agenda by implying that Scottish Roman Catholics will face discrimination if deprived of the protection of the great UK.

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