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Jamie Maxwell

  • Commentary

    A Parallel Catalan Universe

    I read John McTernan’s latest Scotsman column – an account of a recent trip to Barcelona – in a state of wide-eyed disbelief. According to […]

    Jamie Maxwell 7th Jul'14 16
  • Books Upside Your Head

    Our Tom Stockman

    Our banks and savings have been stolen from us by crooks representing the ‘luxury and corruption’ of a commercial society always at risk of going […]

    Christopher Harvie 22nd Dec'13 4
  • Review

    The Missing Million

    I never met (or cannot remember meeting) the late Stephen Maxwell. But I wish I had met him, or could remember him. The internet serves […]

    Pat Kane 4th Nov'13 8
  • Events

    The Case for Left Wing Nationalism

    The Case for Left Wing Nationalism considers the class dynamics of the constitutional debate, deconstructs the myths that underpin Scottish political culture and exposes the […]

    Mike Small 29th Oct'13 6
  • Commentary

    For A’ That 22 – Labouring Away

    For episode 22 of the For A’ That podcast Andrew and I were joined by New Statesman contributor James Maxwell and Huffington Post blogger and Labour Party member Andrew Smith. The Labour party was […]

    Mike Small 21st Apr'13 0
  • Alex Salmond

    Bad News

    One of the most dispiriting aspects of the debate surrounding Scotland’s constitutional future has been the relentless, grinding superficiality with which the London-based media have […]

    Jamie Maxwell 12th Jan'12 15
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