webThe Case for Left Wing Nationalism considers the class dynamics of the constitutional debate, deconstructs the myths that underpin Scottish political culture and exposes the role Scottish institutions have played and continue to play in restricting Scotland’s progress. In this wide-ranging analysis, Maxwell draws on a wealth of cultural, economic and historical sources. From debating the very nature of nationalism itself, to tackling the immediate social issues that Scotland faces, Maxwell establishes a very real picture of contemporary Scotland and its future.

For Maxwell, independence is about more than building on the country’s rich radical traditions ─ it’s about overturning established orthodoxies. He presents an unblinkered picture of contemporary Scotland.

His son and editor here, Jamie Maxwell, describes these essays as a ‘wide-ranging, nuanced analysis of contemporary Scottish history and culture’. These essays are a provocative and utterly original contribution to the independence debate, and essential reading as the referendum draws near.

Book Launch at New College (enter through main entrance on Mound Place and proceed to doorway on right hand side courtyard opposite John Knox statue).

Wednesday 30 October 5:45pm for 6pm, followed by a reception at 7pm. 

Wine and light refreshments will be served.


The event will be chaired by David McCrone and introduced by Jamie Maxwell. Speakers will include Owen Dudley Edwards, Margo MacDonald, Robin McAlpine, Joyce McMillan and Andy Wightman, followed by time for Q&A, comments and discussion.

All welcome. Entry is free. Places may be reserved via Eventbrite or email events@luath.co.uk or phone 0131 225 4326