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    Rogue Won

    * It’s time for a massive show of opposition to Trump and the far-right internationally. Stand up and be counted. July 13th , George Square […]

    19th Jun'18 0
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    Willie Sullivan 19th Jun'18 6
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    How to Launch a Rocket

    This is just a very quick article to explain in simple terms what the national Gathering of the groups is for, and why every dedicated […]

    Jason Baird 16th May'18 3
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    Ken Ferguson 26th Apr'18 1
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    RIC Spring Conference

    The Radical Independence Campaign held its Spring Conference in Edinburgh on Saturday, 10th March. The conference was designed as one where the Left could take […]

    Allan Armstrong 15th Mar'18 5
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    Strategic Thinking

    The Radical Independence Campaign welcomes the recent series of Yes workshops, following last November’s successful ‘Bridges to Indy’ conference.  These are undertaking the necessary grassroots […]

    27th Feb'18 5
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    A Season in the New North

    With the Arctic Circle Forum – Scotland and the New North – being hosted in Edinburgh next week – a fringe has developed with Nordic Horizons leading […]

    15th Nov'17 0
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    Griogair Labhruidh 11th Oct'17 7
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    Build: Bridges to Indy

    The Scottish Independence Convention has announced a major conference in Usher Hall in Edinburgh on Saturday 4th November, called Build: Bridges to Indy. It promises […]

    Mike Small 22nd Sep'17 13
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    Muir Lecture 2017

    The annual Thomas Muir Lecture was started by Word Power Books and is now continued by the Thomas Muir Memorial Committee. The lecture is dedicated […]

    26th Aug'17 45
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    Tommy Sheppard 16th Aug'17 0
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    On the Trail of Thomas Muir

    This years annual Thomas Muir lecture will be given by Tommy Sheppard. Tommy Sheppard is the MP for Edinburgh East and is on the the […]

    Murray Armstrong 6th Aug'17 5
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    Thomas Muir Lecture 2017

    “I have devoted myself to the cause of the people. It is a good cause. It shall ultimately prevail. It shall finally triumph”. (Thomas Muir spoken […]

    Mike Small 10th Jul'17 1
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    Mcsmorgasbord meets the Bold Scotland

    An evening with Lesley Riddoch and Gerry Hassan discussing Brexit, independence, and the state of Britain organised by Commonweal Fife. Both writers have new books […]

    19th Jun'17 6

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