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Jimmy Reid

  • Journey to Yes

    My Journey to Yes

    Land reform activist and researcher Andy Wightman on his own journey to Yes …

    Andy Wightman 25th Aug'14 6
  • Commentary

    Practical Idealism

    The outpouring of new thinking and energy is palpable but what about ideas and policy? Over the last year the Jimmy Reid Foundation has been […]

    Mike Small 3rd Jun'14 13
  • Know Your History

    Jimmy Reid and the UCS

    To unleash the latent potential of our people requires that we give them responsibility. The untapped resources of the North Sea are as nothing compared […]

    Mike Small 27th Aug'13 0
  • Arts & Culture
    Mike Small 28th Jan'13 5
  • Anti-Capitalism

    A Freire Future for Scotland

    Scotland is pregnant with liberty and awaits deliverance.

    Thom Cross 7th Nov'11 6
  • Commentary

    Ideas Fightback

    Even while Scotland is rejecting right-wing policies at the polls and the mainstream of Scottish politics is walking away from these agendas, still they are […]

    Robin McAlpine 13th Aug'11 10
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Jimmy Reid: Scottish Socialist

    “I believe in socialism. I believe it will become abundantly clear that globalisation driven by multi-national corporations will be a disaster. I think there will […]

    Mike Small 11th Aug'10 4
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