Tomorrow night First Minister Alex Salmond will answer questions on everything from tax and welfare policies in an independent Scotland to whether there could be an explicit  commitment to protection of the environment written into a Scottish constitution.


There are few if any left-wing or pro independence think-tanks in Scotland. It’s why the arrival of the Jimmy Reid Foundation has been a  breath of fresh air (and ideas) in the past year with a series of well argued, authoritative reports and research on universalism, public procurement, local democracy and defence. See here.

They have organised for Alex Salmond is giving the Jimmy Reid Memorial Lecture in Govan Old Parish Church on Tuesday night – click here for more details. There are still tickets available on the night. Doors open at 7.00 PM. Here’s their blurb…

Many of you submitted questions to be put to the First Minister during the Q&A session after his lecture. Among the questions sent are:

  • What is his vision for a tax and welfare system in an independent Scotland?
  • If it is a choice between welfare cuts and corporation tax cuts, what will he choose?
  • Could a duty to protect the environment be written into a Scottish constitution?
  • How does he think a Scottish civil service should be established?
  • What does he think will happen to the political spectrum if the constitutional question is answered? Would the SNP continue to exist and as what kind of political party?
  • What guarantees on pensions will Scots have on independence?
  • How can Scotland exert economic power and independence in the face of global corporations?

This will be an important night in spelling out what independence might really mean for the Scottish people, not just the business and institutional concerns which have dominated the debate so far.