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John McTernan

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    Oldham as a Media Failure

    Jeremy Corbyn, the most reviled ‘terrorist sympathiser’ in recent times, won a significant victory in Oldham last night against a backdrop of wall-to-wall media smears. […]

    4th Dec'15 32
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    MoodieVision: School Of Jock

    Series 2 Episode 11 of MoodieVision animation: School Of Jock The follow-up to ‘Greg Moodie Versus The Union’, ‘Greg Moodie’s Election Dissection’ is a compilation […]

    Greg Moodie 30th Sep'15 6
  • Moodievision
    Greg Moodie 19th Aug'15 2
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    The Corleone Maneouver

      By Peter Arnott There’s a great scene in Godfather 2 when Al Pacino is sitting behind a desk being insulted by a senator who […]

    18th Mar'15 40
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    And It was All Yellow

    Nicola Sturgeon began a national roadshow in Edinburgh this week, with further events planned in Dumfries, Dundee, Inverness, Aberdeen and Glasgow, where she is set to […]

    Mike Small 30th Oct'14 34
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    They Did Win, Didn’t They?

    With Scottish sub-samples in the twelve Populus polls conducted since the referendum finding the following support (combined sample size 1,532, fieldwork conducted 19/9-26/10): SNP – […]

    John S Warren 28th Oct'14 30
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    A Parallel Catalan Universe

    I read John McTernan’s latest Scotsman column – an account of a recent trip to Barcelona – in a state of wide-eyed disbelief. According to […]

    Jamie Maxwell 7th Jul'14 16
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    Subliminal John

    The intervention of John Major has overshadowed Gordon Brown stumbling out of the shadows. As dark obscure figures from the past you’d completely forgotten about, […]

    Mike Small 19th Jun'14 9
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