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Joyce McMillan

  • Commentary

    Crony Britain versus real Change

    Joyce McMillan’s one of the country’s best writers, finest cultural commentators and, as I experienced first hand with her on the stump in Comrie, a […]

    Mike Small 8th Aug'14 12
  • Film and Animation


    Here’s some photos from the Commemorative Screening of Braveheart at the Dominion Cinema yesterday as part of the Edinburgh Film Festival. It’s difficult to tell […]

    Joyce McMillan 27th Jun'14 44
  • Events

    London Calling

    As part of our English for Yes series here’s details of an important event organised by Red Pepper and openDemocracy ‘The Radical Case for Scottish […]

    25th Jun'14 13
  • Events

    Bella Fundraising Night

    We loved the No campaign’s idea that independence is a One Way Ticket to an Unknown Destination so much we’re calling our fundraising night after […]

    Mike Small 4th Dec'13 0
  • Events

    One Way Ticket

    You are invited to Bella at the Voodoo Rooms: to celebrate 10,000 followers on Twitter – and in aid of our fundraising campaign – Edinburgh, Sunday […]

    Mike Small 26th Nov'13 2
  • Arts & Culture

    Artists for Independence?

    Ben Judge, who runs the Edinburgh festival review magazine, ‘Fest’ has written exploring the issue of why there isn’t more focus on the independence referendum at […]

    Mike Small 30th Jul'13 26
  • Arts & Culture
    Kevin Williamson 7th Dec'12 13
  • Commentary

    Nat is a Feminist Issue

    That Scottish women are less likely to support independence (at the moment) was displayed once again by polls this week. Reading the Scotsman kicks up […]

    Caitlin O'Hara 27th Nov'10 2
  • New Labour

    Re Joyce

    If your dog dies you can stuff it and keep it in the hall, but it’s no longer your dog. Labour supporters who believe in […]

    Mike Small 9th May'09 2
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