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    Labour as a Counter Power

    As the Tory party lurches to the right, the struggle for the Labour Party continues with Paul Mason outlining a radical alternative in this interview […]

    14th Jul'16 2
  • Moodievision
    Greg Moodie 12th Aug'15 4
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    We’re All Beggars Now

    This is a new low, a new level of shambles and disarray. Harriet Harman’s response to the pure Tory budget (‘Anger after Harriet Harman says […]

    Mike Small 13th Jul'15 33
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    The History Trap

    By Peter Arnott “They’re going with their heart. It’s about who they want to be a voice for Scotland.” How Scotland Lost its Mind. How […]

    Peter Arnott 6th May'15 21
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    Blukip and the Black Hole

    By Mike Small As the full horror of Nigel Farage emerges into the daylight, the prospect of keeping the Tories out appears alongside the very […]

    17th Apr'15 52
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    Is Sanity About to Break Out?

    By Peter ArnottAs I write, Ed Miliband has just declared that the Labour Party will not enter in to a coalition with the SNP. Given […]

    16th Mar'15 105
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    The Real Alternative

    By Mike Small It’s over. Almost time to go in and bayonet the wounded. Of all the harsh news cascading around Murphy, Dalgety and McTernan’s […]

    4th Mar'15 81
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    6th Feb'15 105
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    Some Notes Against Complacency

    By Pat Kane In the midst of my own lunchtime cartwheels over the recent Ashcroft polls yesterday – showing Scottish Labour’s potential evaporation, constituency by constituency, by […]

    5th Feb'15 50
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    Gravedigger? Or Saviour?

    By Gordon Guthrie @gordonguthrie Is He The Gravedigger? A popular meme among the ’45 leaning Twitter crowd. But to realistically address it, there needs to […]

    14th Jan'15 64
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    By Mike Small Jim Murphy’s first week into the fray after the festivities hasn’t gone well. He’s looking more and more like an assemblage of […]

    7th Jan'15 27
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    The Messenger

    Gerry Hassan’s article ‘Message to the Messengers’  chimed with several recent outbursts exploring discontent in the wider movement in the post-referendum political landscape. As the […]

    Mike Small 20th Dec'14 156
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    A New Start for Socialism

    It seems like Allan Grogan agrees with Len McCluskey that Jim Murphy would be a ‘a death sentence for Labour’. So this article isn’t about […]

    Allan Grogan 14th Nov'14 35
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    Black Labour

    It’s six months before the general election and Labor are toast. We’ve had all hues and variations now, from the old Red, to Tony’s shiny […]

    Mike Small 12th Nov'14 35
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