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  • Scots

    A Catalogue o Sair Neglect

    As the weans stert back at the schuil, Ayrshire dominie John Hodgart, in the first o fower essays, spells oot why historically the fecht tae […]

    John Hodgart 18th Aug'16 7
  • Scots
    Katie L Gallogly-Swan 1st Feb'16 55
  • Commentary

    A Sense of Place

    Vonny Moyes kicks off her weekly column with an exploration of our divided selves in culture, landscape and language. Our native language divvies us into […]

    Vonny Moyes 11th Jun'15 33
  • New Scotland

    The Self-Determination of Yes

    Sooner or later the right to self determination will be exercised by the majority people in my country. When I vote ‘yes’ to independence I […]

    James Kelman 31st Mar'12 22
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