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Lesley Riddoch

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    18th Feb'15 17
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    Indyref Awards 1

    Showcasing some of the nominees vying to win our #indyrefawards. We’ll be promoting each of the nominees before polls close next week. Go here to […]

    16th Jan'15 10
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    Risk and the Union

    By Mike Small As the institutional violence promised before the referendum now sets in, and as Labour acolytes get jumpy nearer the General Election, it’s […]

    3rd Jan'15 139
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    Independent Futures

    In the run up to RIC 2014 and in the aftermath of the idea of the Yes Alliance apparently folding, we’ll be discussing strategies for […]

    Lesley Riddoch 15th Nov'14 36
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    Lesley Riddoch on her #IndyIdeas

    Continuing our #IndyIdeas series here’s Lesley Riddoch, author of ‘Blossom: What Scotland Needs to Flourish’ talks of her post-referendum vision for Scotland…

    Lesley Riddoch 3rd Nov'14 15
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    Closer and Closer

    We publish all of our print edition Closer magazines online for the first time – and launch our new women’s issue. Buy a hard copy […]

    Mike Small 15th Sep'14 1
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    Closer Launch Invitation

    Tomorrow we launch Closer 3 – it’s our magazine written by and for women on independence. It features a spectacular pull-out poster by Rosie Balyuzi, essays […]

    Mike Small 14th Sep'14 0
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    Closer 3

    Closer 3 comes back from the printers tomorrow. This is the third of four special edition print off-shoots that Bella dabbles in in our down-time. Issue […]

    Mike Small 11th Sep'14 0
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    Referendum TV

    The referendum is changing Scotland and the impact is unpeeling into unexpected places. Tomorrow sees the launch of Referendum TV with Iain Macwhirter, Lesley Riddoch […]

    Mike Small 6th Aug'14 8
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    A Public Press: Reclaiming the Media

    With Edward Snowden in exile, and Andy Coulson in Belmarsh and in the heat of the referendum debate it seems an ideal time to look […]

    Mike Small 31st Jul'14 11
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    Mike Small 9th Jul'14 5
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    The Better Together Campaign Crisis

    “If you have a pliant media (which doesn’t know what’s happening on the ground anyway), for quite a while you can get away with describing […]

    Robin McAlpine 31st Mar'14 41
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    Lesley Riddoch 8th Mar'14 4
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    Future Focused

    What is the source of people’s fear and lack of confidence? Some of it is inculcated by the No campaign, but some of it goes […]

    Mike Small 2nd Mar'14 24
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